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Updated 102nd Assembly District election results show Assemblyman Christopher Tague, a Republican, far ahead of newcomer challenger Democrat Betsy Kraat.

State Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara

Republican Paul DeLorenzo, running for the 111th Assembly District, would need to be awarded 83 percent of the remaining Montgomery County votes to pull ahead of Democratic incumbent Angelo Santabarbara. 

Michelle Hinchey

His 8,171-vote lead over Michelle Hinchey suggests that GOP-backed Richard Amedure had a modicum of broader appeal with voters in the 46th State Senate District than the Democrat. And now that a Montgomery County court judge has ruled on lawsuits filed by each candidate over absentee ballots, the nearly 26,000 votes can be counted. Over half of the mail-in ballots were returned by people who will almost assuredly vote for Hinchey — but that still might not be enough to pull out a win.

Richard Amedure

With over 130,000 early and in-person ballots counted on Tuesday, Republican Richard Amedure maintains a 6.26-percent lead over Democrat Michelle Hinchey, 66,784 votes to 58,613, in the race for the 46th state Senate District, according to unofficial election results from the state Board of Elections.

Assemblyman Chris Tague, a Republican, holds a solid lead over his Democratic opponent for the 102nd District seat, Betsy Kraat, according to the New York State Board of Elections early results.

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara

Democratic Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara holds a narrow lead over his challenger, Republican Paul DeLorenzo, commanding 6,000 more votes as of Wednesday morning.

Knox Highway Superintendent Matthew Schanz

Two uncontested Hilltowns elections went smoothly, with Matthew Schanz becoming the Knox Highway Superintendent and Karla Weaver becoming the Westerlo Town Clerk. Both had been serving in their respective positions on an interim basis after the sudden resignations of their predecessors.

ALBANY COUNTY — Patricia Fahy, the Democratic incumbent representing District 109 in the State Assembly, bested her opponent, Libertarian Robert G. Porter, winning 68 percent of the vote on Tuesday.

A first-time voter, was applauded by the poll workers in the Berne firehouse.

Typically, in Albany County, about 140,000 to 144,000 residents vote in a presidential election. Matthew Clyne, the county’s Democratic election commissioner, estimated that — combining the early voters with the mail-in voters — about half that number had already cast their ballots before Election Day.


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