election 2013

BERNE —  Democrat Scott Duncan, coming from the larger-scale Albany County Department of Public Works, wants to work closer to home, closer to Berne residents, at the helm of the town highway department.

BERNE — Berne was a summer home before it was permanent for Kenneth Weaver, a town employee for over three decades and its current highway superintendent. Weaver, a Democrat, has enrolled as a Republican and won Republican backing in the upcoming race for another four years.

BERNE — Ian Conners spent 20 years in Vermont, as an operations manager at two ski areas, and running a contracting business, before returning to the town where he was raised. He’s running for tax collector on the Republican line.

BERNE —  Gerald O’Malley is seeking four more years as the town’s tax collector, now in his 22nd consecutive year in the post.

BERNE — Thirty years ago, Democrat Alan Zuk was a town justice, before he was the town’s supervisor for several terms and before he was appointed to the position in April this year. He will now face an election to keep the post.

BERNE — Diane Dibble would like to change the hours of the town clerk’s office to accommodate residents who want services in the evening. She is an enrolled Democrat but said she has applied to change to Republican, the party line on which she is running.

BERNE — The town’s deputy town clerk for the past eight years, Democrat Anita Clayton, is running to be town clerk. She is endorsed by the Democratic, Conservative, and Independence parties.

BERNE — All but one race in Berne has incumbents, with mostly Democrats against Republican challengers who criticize the town’s handling of a resolution opposing the state’s gun-control legislation passed at the beginning of the year.

Although nearly half the town's voters are enrolled as Democrats and a decade ago the party dominated, it is now the small parties that are determining the winners.

GUILDERLAND — Republican Bryan Best will challenge Lynne Buchanan for the receiver of taxes role.
Best is a Guilderland native, and graduated from Guilderland High School and the state’s University at Albany. He is currently a trustee of the Guilderland Public Library.


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