A new grant program was announced on Wednesday morning — funded for $500,000 — that will give up to $5,000 to businesses that qualify.

“We have paid out more than $59 billion in benefits to over 3.9 million unemployed New Yorkers during this crisis — nearly 28 typical years’ worth of benefits paid in 10 months — and we will continue to move heaven and earth to serve our neighbors,” said Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon. 

The Albany County Legislature is considering $500,000 to fund a new local develop corporation as well as $300,000 for small-business grants and support.

"The Securities Industry in New York City"

Two reports from the state comptroller’s office show that, while Wall Street is doing well in the midst of the pandemic — securities-industry profits grew by 82 percent in the first half of 2020 — Main Street is not.

Is a year-long COVID-caused depression with an unemployment rate not seen since 1940, the year before the United States entered World War II, within the realm of possibility?

Guilderland’s Industrial Development Agency will help Promenade Senior Living convert the Best Western Sovereign hotel at 1228 Western Ave. into an assisted-living facility, by providing it with four different kinds of tax relief.

GUILDERLAND — It’s been an “extremely busy year” for the Guilderland Industrial Development Agency, said Chief Executive Officer Donald Csaposs.

A town that wants to guard its rural character seems to be of two minds about whether to create additional business districts within its borders.

A new project through the Cornell Cooperative Extension will analyze varying prices of farmers’ market products throughout eastern New York State. 

In a home-rule state like New York, zoning can counterbalance larger economic forces that shape the way we live.


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