East Berne

RENSSELAERVILLE — Perry M. Moak and Ellen A. Schenk fell in love in their youth and formed a union that lasted 63 years.

He died peacefully on Tuesday, July 5, 2016. She died two days later with a broken heart, her family said. He was 84 and she was 82.

ALBANY COUNTY — Derek Ellis, 28, of East Berne, died on Sunday, Nov. 29, after the truck he was driving went off the road and crashed.

Ellis’s truck crashed around 12:25 a.m. near the intersection of Albany-Shaker Road and Everett Road, according to the Colonie Police Department.

On March 14, residents will gather at Maple on the Lake to view potential designs for the facilities, to go on land along Route 443 in East Berne, and talk to officials overseeing the project.

EAST BERNE — Veronica Stempel and her mother, Kimberly, are confident in each other.

EAST BERNE — A hardened farm worker in his youth and a dependable mechanic, Willard Dibble was tender with his family ties.

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