Donald Trump

Citizens have a responsibility to read, to listen to, to look for, and to embrace news from sources that will widen their perspectives and understanding. After all, since it is the people who hold sovereign power in our democracy, they must not be like King Tigranes and listen only to those with whom they agree. They must not kill the messengers — the journalists who tell the truth.

Although schools we cover have policies to support transgender students, the great danger in having a federal directive that chips away at the civil rights of any of us is it weakens all of us.

Catherine Cunningham​, Voorheesville

Dr. Kristin Mack

As the Trump administration looks to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, it is uncertain what lies ahead for local health care.

People’s Action is pushing for weekly Tuesday protests across the country fighting Donald Trump’s initiatives.

Each of us has, just a click away, information from all over the world on any subject about which we are curious. This can make us broad-minded and well informed, or it can make us narrow-minded and ill informed. It all depends on how we use it.

Enrolled Democrats outnumber enrolled Republicans in the Hilltowns by a lot.

Pretending climate change is not real won’t make it go away.

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