Demian Singleton

The school district here is in a "wait-and-see mode" since “things are flying around fast and furious,” according to the curriculum director.

Inclusion won’t be costly next year as the school district takes "baby steps," says Superintendent Marie Wiles.

"We shift to a mindset of focusing on what the student can do, not what the student can’t do," said Demian Singleton, explaining the school district's focus on inclusion.

"We are fortunate to have them," said the superintendent of the team members she works with.

"You are what you post," says social media expert Chris Vollum, and digital footprints cannot be erased, so you should use them to create a pathway to realize your goals, whether college or a job.

Guilderland has made strides in improvingg scores for students with disabilties and in closing the gap between students that come from poor homes and those that don't.

Guilderland joined the rest of the state in receiving disappointing state test scores. School leaders say the tests don't reflect the Common Core Standards and students weren't taught the new material.

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