Altamont Orchards

Donna Abbruzzese, seated in a golf cart

“I don’t think anybody opposes green energy, but it can’t be in your face, especially a project that big,” said Donna Abbruzzese at her home on Dunnsville Road. 

The Altamont Fairgrounds were the host for the annual Apple & Wine Festival that is hosted by the Abbruzzese family, owners of Altamont Orchards last weekend in Altamont.

Last weekend, Sept 17-18, Altamont Fairgrounds was the place to be if you loved wine and everything apple. The annual Apple & Wine festival drew large numbers in Altamont.

Local orchards are revving up for the holidays with special products — from Thanksgiving pies to chipotle and apple marinating sauces — to make shopping, cooking, and feasting fun.

Pie-makers can head to Indian Ladder Farms in New Scotland to gather apples for their holiday tables.

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