Amanda Gullestad, Knox town clerk candidate

Amanda Gullestad

KNOX — Amanda Gullestad, a Conservative Party member, said she has become known in the past eight years of living in Knox through her jobs managing local convenience stores, as a cook, and as a store clerk. She is running on the Republican line for the part-time job of town clerk.

Gullestad, 30, grew up in Middleburgh and graduated from Middleburgh High School before coming to Knox. She said she would like to see change in Knox, noting there are currently no stores in the hamlet.

Asked what changes in the town she could make as town clerk, Gullestad said, “I can’t, but I have a voice to where I can tell the board, and try to get them to listen.”

Gullestad is currently a stay-at-home mother with three children and said she would like to pursue the town-clerk position for multiple terms.

If elected, Gullestad said she would like to have more resources and forms on the town’s website.

“So when I’m not available, or there’s certain times people need something, that they can do it right online and, afterwards, I can do the rest,” said Gullestad.

Gullestad said she would make her self available for residents to make appointments and would be accommodating with her office hours, including weekends.

“I just hope to make the best of it,” said Gullestad. “Just keeping myself available for anything.”