Victoria Kraker, Rensselaerville town clerk candidate

Victoria Kraker

RENSSELAERVILLE — Victoria Kraker, the town’s current court clerk, is seeking to hold the position she has observed for some time — the town clerk and tax collector. She says a town clerk is required to have many of the skills that an office clerk at Bryant’s grocery store in Greenville would. She had that job for 20 years where she dealt with the public and managed records.

Kraker, a Democrat, said she was proud when asked what parties have endorsed her for a run to be Rensselaerville’s newest town clerk: “All of them,” she said, acknowledging that her cross endorsements have been controversial. She has Conservative, Democratic, Republican, and Independence Party endorsements.

When asked whether or not having four of the major party lines on the ballot effects a voter’s choice, Kraker said it depends on the individual. One could see it positively, or negatively, she said.

“I think that speaks highly, that I would treat everybody fairly an equally,” Kraker said of her endorsements. She described the position of town clerk as non-partisan.

A self-employed ferrier, Kraker has maintained the health of horse hooves in the area for several years after working at the grocery store. She has an associate degree in computer science from Columbia-Greene Community College and grew up in Rensselaerville. Kraker said her ferrier work would come second to her job as town clerk.

Kraker noted current town clerk Kathleen Hallebeck is respected in the job. “Why would I change that?” said Kraker. “On the flip side of the coin, I am very, very open for suggestions and thoughts.”

Kraker is court clerk for Rensselaerville and was once a town justice, resigning from the post in 2009, for “personal family matters,” she said. For both elected positions, justice and town clerk, Kraker said she has been encouraged by “pillars of the community” both in and outside of town government.