When I go to the barn, I know I’m going to get a real workout

Enterprise file photo — Melissa Hale-Spencer

Horseback riding is a sport, writes Emily Hladio, an equestrian herself. Jewel Dietz, above, who competed last year at the Altamont Fair, riding a big paint pony, 14.1 hands high, would probably agree. Staying active is important, too, for Luke Tanner, who argues for the return of recess, and Gauri Subramaniam who believes physical-education class should be held for 30 minutes each day.

To the Editor:

Horseback riding, many say, is not a sport. Well, I am a rider myself and riding really is a sport. It is way harder than it looks.

A lot of people think that the horse does all the work; the horse does work but the rider has to give the horse the commands to do whatever the horse has to do.

Falling off a horse can seriously injure the rider. I fell off a horse and broke my arm and couldn’t ride for six months.

Getting back on a horse can be terrifying. Horses are really big animals and some people are afraid of them. You can hurt yourself just by being around them. Horses can be dangerous creatures. Riding them can be really challenging and difficult.

Only non-riders think that riding isn’t a sport but ask any rider and they will tell you that riding is a sport. Riders need a lot of skill to “communicate” with a horse. Horses are nervous animals and can spook easily. To get back on a horse is hard to do. When I go to the barn, I know I’m going to get a real workout.

Just watch the Olympic riders and watch how easy they make it look. I think riders should get more credit for what we do.

To fall off a horse is extremely scary; just ask any rider, but we are brave and get back on.

I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t ride because it’s a big part of my life and I don’t know what I would do without it. It is so much fun and I love it, even though it’s a challenge; I like the challenge of riding.

I always get excited when I’m at the barn because riding is my life. Being a rider, I can’t imagine my life without it.

Knowing riding is a very dangerous sport, you have to be careful by wearing a helmet, but, if you fall, that can’t help you. You have no real protection on you so that’s how you can get hurt. Horses are over 1,000 pounds and can easily hurt you so don’t kid around with an angry horse.

Riders are very brave to get on a huge horse and make it look as easy as they make it look. Just watch the Olympic riders. 

Emily Hladio