The good old days have come and gone

To the Editor:

Let's get real!

Having a country store in the Hilltowns is almost unrealistic. While we're speaking, so are farmers markets. If you have a substantial income, then you can buy the products and produce.

Since we're Hilltowners, we can grow our own food in our backyards. As for our country stores, the deli and pizza is a huge plus, but I'll buy my cake mixes and spaghetti sauce where it's cheaper. That would mean a trip to Guilderland or Cobleskill. As we do that, let's put gas in our tanks — another travel expense.

Are we seeing more "for sale" signs on homes on routes 443 and 156? Is the Berne-Knox-Westerlo Central School District suffering? Is the population declining?

We don't need to form Hilltown groups to discuss "how can we help the Hilltown community economy."

I'm not sure why people move in the Hilltowns and try to prohibit growth, because we need to be a small one-horse town? Then these people move away to pursue retirement endeavors. Again, we all suffer as we get burned out trying to save our towns.

Yes, I'm going to the "S" word — Stewart's. They put up the white flag years ago, because a small group of people didn't want big business. Yes, a well-respected corporation was disrespected, and now again we have nothing!

So, town boards, look at your comprehensive plans and do what the majority want, with no political agendas.

The good old days have come and gone.

Let's get real!

Bonnie Conklin


Editor's note: The zoning in Berne was a stumbling block for Stewart's as it would not allow parking and gas pumps in front of the store.

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