“We’re still getting 20 to 30 positives a day,” said Albany County’s health commissioner, Elizabeth Whalen. “We’re still at that plateau level.”

On Friday, two dozen State Assembly members, led by Patricia Fahy, called on New York’s senators and congress members to create a modern-day, New Deal-style Works Progress Administration similar to the jobs program that was created by the federal government under President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression.

The American Red Cross of Eastern New York is asking for healthy volunteers.

“We continue to see our numbers plateau,” said Albany County Health Commissioner Elizabeth Whalen, with 20 to 30 cases per day

The first results from the state’s antibody testing show that 13.9 percent of New Yorkers have COVID-19 antibodies, Governor Andrew Cuomo said at his press briefing on Thursday. The percentages were much higher downstate than upstate.

The county’s new five-volume strategic economic-development report is “designed to enhance quality of life and accelerate economic growth throughout Albany County.”

Albany County is “at a disadvantage for attracting private investment, business,” according to a county-funded report, which also makes strategic development recommendations to help the county with future job growth.

 “Every single system, every single way that we operate, we had to rethink in the last month,” said Marie Wiles, superintendent of the Guilderland schools.

“We are in a new economic reality. We are in a challenging economic landscape …,” the state’s comptroller, Thomas DiNapoli, said on Wednesday at the county’s press briefing. “We still don’t know where it’s headed so a lot of what we’re talking about is still very tentative information.” He estimated the state’s revenue losses could range from $10 billion to $15 billion.

“Quarantine the Sick, Not the Healthy!” said a sign held by a youngster at Wednesday’s protest. An hour before, Albany County’s health commissioner, Elizabeth Whalen, had explained once again that the coronavirus is often spread by people who are asymptomatic; they can feel fine as they pass along the disease without knowing they have it. COVID-19 is most lethal for the elderly and those with underlying health issues.