The spike of COVID-19 cases at UAlbany can be traced back to athletes and to off-campus housing in the Pine Hills neighborhood of Albany, said Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy.

“The focal issue for the legislature is we don’t want to become the dumping ground for New York State or for the Northeast,” says William Reinhardt, who chairs the county legislature’s Conservation, Sustainability and Green Initiatives Committee and who sponsored the Clean air Act.

With no federal bail-out on the horizon Wednesday, local Assembly members and the state’s largest teachers’ union called for New York to raise taxes on the wealthy to help poor school districts hurt by aid cuts in the wake of the pandemic.

Volunteers are being asked to help out at schools that are laying off staff because of drastic, last-minute, pandemic-induced budget cuts. “We need volunteer organizations now more than ever,” said Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy on Friday. “We need parents to help out, teach.”

Although it wasn’t an exact figure, New Scotland Councilman Adam Greenberg said residents could expect to pay about 12-percent to 13-percent higher than National Grid’s current grid mix.

“The president says he’s going to have a vaccine,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo on Thursday. “CDC is talking about a vaccine in early November. How convenient. It’s going to be an Election Day miracle drug. Some people are concerned that the vaccine may wind up being hydroxychloroquine.”

County Executive Daniel McCoy

And a Siena poll released on Wednesday found that, despite venues being open, majorities of New Yorkers are not comfortable dining indoors in restaurants or going to gyms, bowling alleys, or bars. More than half of New Yorkers, 51 percent, say the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is yet to come, and 86 percent are concerned that New York will face a large outbreak in the fall.

“Whether you have signs or symptoms, please go out and get tested …,” said Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy. “It’s the only way we’re going to track this. It’s the only way we’re going to know if the virus is still lingering out there … It didn’t go away.”

Jim Malatras

Tension between reopening and increased transmission of COVID-19 grows.

The state and the county continue to urge residents — even those without COVID-19 symptoms — to get tested for the disease despite new CDC guidelines that say otherwise.