ALBANY — United States Attorney Grant C.

New York’s attorney general, Letitia James asked employees who believe their employer is in violation of labor laws or official directives set forth by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Office to contact the attorney general’s Labor Bureau and file a complaint:

National Grid, which serves 20 million customers in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, is directing $500,000 to support customers affected by the health impacts, financial hardships, and disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

State tests for elementary and intermediate-level students have been suspended for this school year, the Board of Regents chancellor, Betty Rosa, and the interim state education commissioner, Shannon Tahoe, announced on Friday.

NYS gears up to create hospital space, manufacture masks and medical equipment

On Friday, Governor Andrew Cuomo executed a 10-point policy meant to assure safety for everyone. There are now 7,102 confirmed cases of coronavirus in 23 counties.

The combination of not enough tests, people still being out, and the COVID-19 being community acquired is “very concerning,” said Elizabeth Whalen, Albany County’s health commissioner.

Friday morning, Andrew Cuomo joined with governors of New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania in directing all shops that provide personal-care services to close by 8 p.m. on Saturday.

On Thursday, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced 4,152 confirmed cases of coronavirus in New York State and made directives affecting businesses, mortgage holders, and hospitals.

He signed an executive order mandating businesses that rely on in-office personnel to decrease their in-office workforce by 75 percent.

On Thursday, New York’s attorney general, Letitia James, called for the tolling, or pausing and extending for a certain amount of time, of statute of limitations in New York as the state and residents take significant action to respond to the coronavirus disease.