Gerald O'Malley

BERNE — Gerald O’Malley has been serving as Berne’s tax collector for 28 years, and emphasizes his experience as he campaigns for re-election. A Democrat, he is running on the Democratic and Conservative party lines.

Mary Alice Molgard

BERNE — Mary Alice Molgard has studied and taught communications and communications law for years. She now wants to pursue her interests in the legal system further by becoming a town justice in Berne.

Alan Zuk

BERNE — Alan Zuk is running to keeps his seat as town justice. After serving as judge for two separate four-year terms, as well as town supervisor and in the school district, he said he had established trust in and knowledge of the people of Berne.

A Democrat, he is running on the Democratic and Conservative lines.

Albert Raymond

Berne — Albert Raymond says he is honored to serve as town justice in Berne, and would like to continue serving the town for a third four-year term.

Rick Otto

BERNE — Rick Otto, once a candidate for town board in Berne, is now looking to give everyone “a fair shake,” by serving as town justice.

A Republican, Otto is running on the Republican, Independence, and Conservative lines.

Brian Crawford

BERNE — Brian Crawford has been a town assessor for over a quarter of a century. He said his experience as assessor and AS a lifelong resident of Berne will help him continue to SERVE the residents.

A Democrat, Crawford is running on the Democratic and Conservative lines.

Melanie Bunzey

BERNE — Melanie Bunzey has been involved in her community both through the Berne-Knox-Westerlo School District and a thrift store she runs in town. She hopes to continue by pursuing a second four-year term as town assessor. A Democrat, Bunzey is running on the Democratic line and the Conservative line.

BERNE — Jen Wright is making her first run for public office — as town assessor — because, she says, she wants to give back to the townspeople who helped her family emotionally and financially when their home burned down three years ago.

BERNE — Kim Collins, a candidate for town assessor, is excited to work for the people of Berne, she said.

This is the first time Collins, who is enrolled in the Independence Party, is running for office in Berne. She is running on the Republican line and the Independence line for a two-year term, to fill a vacancy.

JoAnne Brady

BERNE — Joanne Brady has lived in Berne most of her life, and emphasizes that she finds Berne has always been “like home” to her. She says she now wants to give back to her town by serving as tax collector.