Curtises celebrated 50 years of marriage

Robert and Rose Amatuccio Curtis, in front at right, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their children, from left: Penny Wall, Mickey Rivenburgh, Michael Curtis, and Robert Curtis Jr.

ALTAMONT — Robert Curtis and Rose Amatuccio Curtis celebrated their golden wedding anniversary last month.

The couple married on May 9, 1964 at the Presbyterian Church on River Street in Oneonta, N.Y.

On their 50th anniversary, May 9, 2014, the couple remarried in a ceremony performed by Rev. Peggy Were in Glenmont.

Their advice on matrimony is this:  “When you get married to your soul mate, make sure they are your best friend as well!”

The Curtises have four children: Mickey Rivenburgh, who is married to Owen; Penny Wall; Robert Curtis, who is married to Sarah; and Michael Curtis, who is married to Michelle.

They have 10 grandchildren — Michelle Curtis, who is married to Michael; Miranda Early; Tori Burkins; Brian Burkins; Jessica Rivenburgh; Shea Wall; Pierce Wall; Amanda Wall; Kenneth Wall; and Ally Curtis — and two great-grandchildren: Braden Curtis and Trey Payne.