According to the most recent report on Albany County’s wastewater surveillance, covering the two-week period from Nov. 28 to Dec. 14, the trends show an increase from Albany’s North and South plants and Guilderland’s plant while showing a decrease for Bethlehem’s plant. For Albany’s North Plant, South Plant, and the town of Guilderland, the detection level suggests a daily case incidence of more than 50 cases per 100,000 people, the report says.

Statewide, COVID hospitalizations are far more prevalent than they have been for months. Albany is one of 20 counties labeled with a “medium” rate and, for the first time, seven of New York’s 62 counties are labeled as having a “high” rate of COVID hospitalizations.

Governor Kathy Hochul said on Wednesday that she was “very, very sad to report that there have been two pediatric deaths related to flu.” She urged “everyone” to “get their flu shots.”

Meanwhile, the state’s health department, which tracks the distribution of COVID-19 variants statewide, has charted an uptick of new cases since early November.

The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, in partnership with the Hudson Valley AgriBusiness Development Corporation, has awarded grant money to 26 different meat-processing projects across the state in an effort that’s expected to expand processing capacity by 4.8 million pounds annually. 

The cost of the construction project is expected to be about $10 million, of which $3.4 million has been raised so far. 

Interested applicants should visit the Albany County ARPA web portal at for more information and to apply. 

Elaine Doremus, Albany

In 2023, the Regional Food Bank provided 3.7 million meals to people in Albany County, but there are 1.4 million more meals still needed, the county says, adding that the new funding would provide an additional 400,000 meals.

ALBANY COUNTY — After Bethlehem Police chased an Albany man suspected of a Coeymans larceny, they recognized him as a suspect in an earlier Delmar larceny.


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