Each April, our organization, Community Caregivers, celebrates National Volunteer Month with a luncheon and program with a guest speaker.

Last Friday, parishioners from Altamont Reformed Church and St. John's Lutheran carried three wooden crosses after the Good Friday service at Altamont Reformed Church.

The weather mangled schedules for the Guilderland varsity baseball and softball teams this spring season. The Guilderland baseball team has played only two games, both wins, so the Dutchmen are 2-0 overall. The softball team has played three games and is 1-2 overall.

Guilderland native Justin Veldhuis, who loves soccer and Spanish, has a job that combines both.

ALTAMONT — Margaret J. Rau could darn the holes in socks as well as she mended the hurt in hearts. As a farmwife, she was frugal and hardworking, a woman of deep faith and compassion.

She died on Wednesday, April 12, 2017, at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany. She was 93.

The $35,000 to repair Guilderland’s 1800s cobblestone schoolhouse that was originally included in the superintendent’s draft budget has brought heated discussion.

The Department of Taxation said there is still a current warranted balance of more than $25,000.

The mayor thanked many people at a farewell gathering for his retirement from office. He said he was leaving Altamont in a good spot.

After a judge threw out a rape case being prosecuted by the Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs, the lawyer defending Justin Hope of Guilderland against sexual abuse charges hopes to see his client’s case — also being prosecuted by the Justice Center — dismissed as well.

A new shop in Star Plaza, Urban Tailor, is run by Euni Yang, wife of the pastor of McKownville United Methodist Church. Yang previously worked for 10 years as a tailor at Men’s Wearhouse, where one repeat customer who came to her for alterations was Bernie Sanders.


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