Challenger football players play flag football with members of the UAlbany football players on Aug. 15.

On the opening day of the 2016 Altamont Fair, August 16, the fair crowns five new queens that will hold court and help in the community through out their year's reign including the week of the fair.

As the Altamont Fair opened on Tuesday Morning, August 16, the vast array of things that can be seen at the week long fair.

A judge reached deep into one bag of fleece and then another, fingering the fibers as she marked a score sheet.

In jail since his arrest, Frederick Basile, 23, has said that he has been threatened by other prisoners.

A list of Basile's past incidents, recorded in police reports.

Apropos! Great! A column concerning the first class to graduate from Albany Normal School in 1845 just emerged from old yellowed files in this historian's desk.

Over 200 years ago, the invention of a horse-drawn rake saved farmers labor in baling hay — the fuel of transportation. A replica of the flop rake will be on display at this year’s Altamont Fair.

Kids and their parents at the fair will have a chance to test their fearlessness by holding an eight-foot boa constrictor or petting an 18-pound lizard. It’s all done to show them that they don’t need to fear reptiles, says Adam Bornt of Uncharted Wild.


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