A patchwork of colors with barn quilts in Knox

The Enterprise — Marcello Iaia

Barn quilt squares: Jane McLean holds a wooden square painted red, yellow, blue, and white in a pattern resembling those designed by quilters. She spoke to the Knox Town Board during its October meeting about the Helderberg Quilt Barn Trail, a path marked by the squares throughout the Hilltowns that she and her husband, John Elberfeld, are coordinating. A similar trail exists in Schoharie County.

The Enterprise — Marcello Iaia

Centrally located: A newly mounted set of three quilt squares rests high above the sign beckoning drivers on Berne-Altamont Road through the Knox hamlet to the Saddlemire Homestead housing artifacts of Knox history. Jane McLean and John Elberfeld, husband and wife and members of the Knox Historical Society, are organizing to create a trail of the squares, modeled after quilt patterns, mounted on structures throughout the Hilltowns. Such trails exist in 45 other states and Canada, according to barnquiltinfo.com, which attributes the origin of the barn quilt to one made in Adams County, Ohio in 2001.