Photos: Victorian Holiday portraits

Keegan and Olivia Prue with dog Desmond

Freya and Arlo

Sophia and Noah Paul

Clockwise from bottom right, Lisa Bassler, Megan Bassler, Seth Johnson, and Kristen Bassler

Jen Busch and Luna

Olivia and Andrew

Destini Rockenstire with Cayden Rockenstire, 14 months.

Lisa and Jacob Shaw with Bella the beagle.

From left, clockwise, Dakari, Jeff, Eli, and Miles Perlee.

Cyndi Rockenstire with grandson Cayden.

Dennis Northrup and Marsha Deragon.

Suzann and Braelyn Cornell.

Mary and Jessica Metchick.

Sarah Robbiano and Matt Caryl.

Lauren Cooper and friends.

Mike Mayer with Hans

Motschmann family

Nolan family

Oliver & Elspeth Kossow

Oliver kisses his sister

Scott Frush with Chloe, Lucy

Seinberg-Hughes family

Sharon Carlson

Stephen & Yvette Terplek, Stephen IV, Alena

Tuesday Breitenbach & Autumn

Bob & Sharon Preston with Lucas Mayne

Brianna & Lisa Araticolo with Harper

Elizabeth Floyd Mair

Colter sisters, Pam Izzo, Jill Fassett, Betsey Bartley

Greg & Nellie Goutos with Aika Onoue

Isabella, Weston & Alissa Royer, Patty Aldrich

Jackie & Jared Montgomery, Adeline, Kiera

Kathleen Perry & Lashonda Gifford

Kelly & Jackson Slaver

Jamie Jordan, Donna Mohr, and Starr Warrington