Photos: Victorian Holiday visitors

Guests of the Altamont Enterprise open house during the holiday stroll Sunday had their portraits taken throughout the afternoon.

Courtney Skadra, Christine Ekstrom, seated, and Nina Pasquarelli

Olivia Mair and Elizabeth Floyd Mair

Mary Grace and Ed

Leah and Ella Dannehy

Amy and Gina Luke

Anne Linendoll​

Deborah and Frank Delvecchio

Bob, Bobby, and Carley Digeser

Bill and Kathy Johnson

Starr Warrinton and Jamie Jordan

Quincy and Whitney Mubuyaeta and Alexis Sanchez

Stewart and Anne Linendoll with Isaac, Malana, and Jacob Linendoll

Lois Leikhim and Dick Umholtz

Debbie and Stephen Sivack

Chris Duncan and H. Rose Schneider

Sheila Galvin

Sue Stori and Robin Love-Pollitzer

Luanne Whitbeck and Phyllis Rosenblum

Mary Beth and Tom Nowak

Angie and Don Sislowski

Taylor Fish and Yachi Lin

Rebekah Schwartz and Megan Reis

Betsey Bartley and Pam Izzo

Shannon and Nathan Blakeley

Carly and Leah Lattera

Sophie Kownack and Adriana Marcello


Carol Hamblin and Bob Miller

Sue and Mary Ellen Johnson