Photo: Centenarian Celebrated

The Enterprise — Michael Koff

Albert Willard Ebert will turn 100 on June 26. His three daughters had to cancel his party because of the coronavirus but are hoping friends and admirers will drive by his house at 42 Hamilton Street on June 27 to salute him with a wave and a honk of their car horn. The vehicles forming the parade will gather at 11:15 a.m. at the Guilderland firehouse. As a young child, Ebert lived at Rose Hill and remembers when Western Avenue was a single lane. His family later moved to a farm on what is now Hamilton Street but was then referred to as Cow Flop Lane. He first saw his wife, Andrea, as a beautiful girl playing hopscotch. He survived a near-fatal accident at the Altamont Fair and graduated in 1938 from Altamont High School in what was then its largest class — of 33. He built his Hamilton Street home with his own hands.