Photos: Guilderland Grads Roll On

On Monday, Guilderland teachers and the seniors in the Class of 2020 kept their social distance, but not their emotional distance as faculty lined the high school walk to see their students one last time and wave goodbye.

Tears mixed with cheers and the school colors — red and white — could be seen everywhere: in streamers and balloons trailing from a car, at top, as a senior waves farewell; emblazoned on the T-shirts worn by enthusiastic faculty, at center left and below; on signs with hearts; and on a flag unfurled, bottom right, in greeting as cars rolled by.

Parents drove so students could sit in the passenger seats and take in the festivities. Each senior, below left, was given a care package and a yard sign that proudly declared: Class of 2020, Congratulations.

“The Class of 2020 is an amazing class — one that has handled their abbreviated senior year with understanding and focus,” said Brenna Autrey, co-advisor to the class. She has known them since they were freshmen and watched them blossom.

“Their senior ball and senior picnic were cancelled, but they understood,” she said. “Their graduation is not going to look like the graduation they pictured since their freshmen year, but they aren’t complaining. This class is special.”

— Photos by Michael Koff

The Enterprise — Michael Koff

Gratitude: Wearing her mask, a senior receives her Signing Day sheet and a care package in front of Guilderland High School on Monday afternoon before getting a lawn sign that says “Class of 2020, Congratulations.”

The Enterprise — Michael Koff

Grand finale: As seniors drive by Guilderland High School, teachers and coaches clap and wave. The parade route circled the school before ending past the Guilderland Center firehouse.

The Enterprise — Michael Koff

A teacher waves a Guilderland flag on Monday afternoon as the school’s senior class drives by. The school district wanted the students to be the passengers so they could take in all of the parade.

The Enterprise — Michael Koff

Love for their students: Morgan Bell holds a sign to congratulate the Class of 2020 while other teachers are decked out in school colors — red and white — to show their appreciation for the students.

The Enterprise — Michael Koff

Waves a-plenty: Sitting in the passenger seat, a senior waves to the camera along School Road prior to turning into the third loop of the parade at the Guilderland High School.