Photos: Living independently with smart house

The Enterprise — Michael Koff

Nikki, a resident at the new $650,000 Living Resources group home on Ardsley Road in Westmere, was on hand Tuesday for a ribbon-cutting ceremony. An electrode on her forehead allowed her to speak through her DynaVox machine to tell the press she was happy to be there.

The Enterprise — Michael Koff

Fredrick Erlich, the chief executive officer of Living Resources, demonstrates an iPad that lets residents do various tasks, like change the lighting in their rooms or call family, without help from a staff member. Erlich said the home — which includes devices to monitor health conditions, picture-driven menus, a smart TV, and a web-based medication system — allows the six residents to maintain their independence.

The Enterprise — Michael Koff

Molly Tarletom, from Hannaford Supermarkets, lower left, demonstrates the home’s stove with an induction cooktop, that can boil water yet still not burn a hand. Hannaford paid for the kitchen, which includes self-closing cabinets and drawers, special cookware to heat food safely, and counters built at a height for use by people in wheelchairs.

The Enterprise — Michael Koff

The tiled bathroom, with a walk-in shower, is shared by the residents in two bedrooms. The home, built by BBL Construction Services, offers residents six bedrooms and three bathrooms as well as a kitchen and living room in a barrier-free, open floor plan. It includes solar components and is meant to serve as a prototype for elderly and disabled people.