Hilltowns Senior News for Friday, May 16, 2014

Despite being Mother’s Day weekend, we had 45 people to our meeting. 

Birthday greetings were sung to Roz Moser and Marilyn Nardillio. 

The anniversaries being celebrated for the month of May are Linda and Don McDermott, and Shirley and Scott Wright.   

Sunshine reported that Gladys Bailey is in St. Peter’s Hospital.

The parade committee reported that plans are going nicely. We are to meet the Sunday before Memorial Day at 1:30 p.m. to put it all together. Hope to see a big turnout. We have never done this before, so it should be fun?

Mary O’Hanlon announced that she would be willing to do a CPR course for seniors depending on the interest. Also, the Tai Chi classes are fun, fun, fun and also beneficial. I am going to hold a night course, so if interested call.

Silver Slippers is offered at your local Y and your secondary insurance will be responsible for it. We should take advantage of these free offerings. 

Pastor Wendy said the Berne Public Library will be holding a photography program titled, Photos on the


Group trips

The trip committee reported that the Beeches trip on June 19 could use more people. This is always

a fun trip with the show and buffet. We have learned to eat the dessert first. Also, the July 17 trip to Herkimer for the ride on the Erie Canal has openings. Our trip in September to Cape May is filling nicely. Call to make your reservations. This is Sept. 22-24. Lots of activities are being planned. Call 872-2448 for further information.

Senior activities

There is plenty to do out there for seniors. One of our seniors, Tom Smith, belongs to the Depot Singers.

This group puts on a show in the spring and winter. This was my first time at one of their performances and it was excellent. Hopefully, for the winter show we can get a group to go and enjoy the talents of our community.

Great job, Tom!

Quote for the week:  Laughter doesn’t require teeth!


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