Seniors hilltowns

Let me tell you we had Comic Central join us for the morning. We were expecting a speaker from the Albany County DA's office. They were going to talk about their program SALT, Seniors and Law Enforcement Together. The speaker was Investigator Kim McCoy, her brother, Dan McCoy, Albany County Executive was supposed to be there to, but couldn't make it.

Kim McCoy entertained us for 45 minutes. I mean we did learn some good things, but we laughed so hard that we made her an honorary member of our club.

We thank Marilyn for being her main target and being a good sport. So, Dan if you ever need a sub, or an opening act, you know where you can get one.

Anyway, as I said we did learn some safety tips not just for seniors, but everyone. Here are just a few:

— 1. Shred your documents;

— 2.Put a piece of tape over the camera on your computer. There is a way people can get into them and see what is going on, and as Kim says, some things you don't want to be seen;

— 3. Report elderly abuse to Adult Protective Services at 447-7177; and

— 4.Salt hotline 447-7258.

We had a very short meeting. People weren't paying attention anyway. We celebrated Flag Day and Father's Day. We acknowledged Ruth Snyder, Barbara Smith, and Florence Zimmer's birthdays. Florence is going to be 102 years old. Please send her a card.

Also Lois and Ed Wood are celebrating their 62nd anniversary. I don't know how Lois does it year after year. She's having a knee replacement just to get away for a couple of days. 

The July meeting will be our annual picnic at the Westerlo town park.  


Our Cape May trip, from Sept. 22 through 24, needs some more passengers. It is going to be a fun filled trip with a stop at Atlantic City on the way home. Call me at 872-2448 for more information and reservations.

The report on the Beeches trip was good. We even discovered that we have a senior that yodels. Ruthie will be our entertainment at the picnic along with Jim Croote on guitar.

And a hello to Skip Skinner, we hope you are resting, so you can get back to us soon.

Joke from Bernic Bunzey: " I know three things. One, I am 90 and I can't remember the other two!"