Guilderland Library Notes for Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Guilderland Public Library’s Community Literary Garden is a quiet, restful place, an ideal setting for peaceful reading, contemplation, and relaxation.  All that changes on Saturday, July 27, when from 1 pm to 4 pm, the Garden is transformed into a miniature amusement park for the Library’s Annual Family Fun Day.

That’s right: Next Saturday bring the family to the Library for three hours of fun and games. Play Tip-A-Troll, test your strength against the Purple Dinosaur Hammer, make some Spin Art, draw your own artistic creation on the Library’s windows with glass chalk, and play Sink the Librarian at the dunk tank.

Be sure to try the Can Knock-Down Game, “Bubble, Bubbles, Everywhere,” and snack on ever-popular SnoCones and Popcorn. 

There is so much more, including prizes. And we’ve set aside a room to cool off, if it gets a bit too hot for some players.

The Scroungers

Have you ever misplaced anything? Maybe you didn’t misplace it.  Maybe it was “borrowed” by four-inch high people who live peacefully under the floorboards of your home.  That’s the premise of our First Friday Family Film that shows at 7 pm on August 2; it tells the story of these “borrowers” who take great pains to go undetected as they ingeniously procure and live off of borrowed items. An inquisitive young boy discovers that these wee scroungers have made themselves at home in his house.

All is fun, cute, and peaceful until an evil banker (played delightfully by an over-the-top John Goodman) plans to demolish the boy’s home. The boy then bands together with his home’s mini-guests to save it, and that’s when the real fun begins.

This is a great movie, rated PG.  We can assure you that no “borrowers” will take your free popcorn during the movie. 

About the Library

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