Altamont Library Notes for Wednesday, November 13, 2013

You have to love democracy. You have to love voting: yes or no; up or down; this one or that one.  Polling places are special areas — like National Parks, or sure-thing fishing holes.

And nobody loves voters, or a polling place like the Altamont Free Library.  Each year the AFL holds an Election Day Bake Sale.  Dessert makers from all over the village bring their very best sweets to sell.

It is rumored that some voters time their arrival at the firehouse to coincide with that of a particular chef with a particularly favorite sale item.

The library raised over $900 in the one-day event this year. To those who baked, and to those who bought – a simple, heartfelt Thank You.

Houses of gingerbread

Once again the library is sponsoring an annual Gingerbread House Candy Decoration Extravaganza.  It’s always at the top of the children’s Christmas fun list.  The date this year is Dec. 11 and the time is 4 p.m.