Thompsons Lake

Monday, Aug. 11, wasn’t an unusual day for me but was special for my granddaughter, Kyra Swan, and my great grandchildren, Samson and Nichole Clark. Their father and brother, Brandon Clark, and his girlfriend, Jennifer Smith, took them to the Adirondack Extreme Rope Course in Bolton Landing for the day.

I don’t think it excited Kyra as much as Samson and Nichole, but she enjoyed being with them for the day. They all relished having dinner together a Friendly’s on the way home.

Nichole spent Monday night with me.

On Tuesday, Aug. 12, I drove Kyra, Samson, and Nichole to the Veteran’s Administration Hospital and met Brandon after work and he took them to see the popular movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I remember when Brandon and his brother, Miles Pangburn, were very interested in those turtles and collected them as birthday presents.

If you’re wondering what happened to Jenn’s son, Iain Bullis, well the answer is he’s enjoying a trip to Florida and Disneyworld with his father, John Bullis.

On Wednesday, Samson and Nichole rode their bicycles to my house and we played board games. I played Memory with them and then two games of Memory with Nichole alone. Then I played Risk with Samson. We played two games and I can’t seem to beat him. That’s a newer game.

I remember when my children used to walk down to Fran Benedict’s and play board games with her. They usually played Memory.

After dinner on Wednesday, Brandon and Samson made brownies and topped them with ice cream and topping and we all enjoyed a fabulous dessert.

On Thursday, Aug. 14, Brandon had taken another vacation day. He took Samson and Nichole on a hike in Clarksville with friends.

At 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, I left with Brandon, Jenn, Samson, and Nichole to go to Hoffman’s Playland for the annual Hughes family reunion at the amusement park. It’s so nostalgic.

Bob and Connie Hughes are Jenn’s grandparents on her mother’s side. I went with them last year and what a great memory it is.

They have a huge family and most of them come. Bob and Connie supply everyone with pizza and soda, and all the children get wristbands and ride the rides until closing at 10 p.m.

Everyone rides the train at the end. I was given a ticket for that and when I got on that train and sat down, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get up. It was made for children. The seat was so low. I was thankful Brandon sat with me and he pulled me up when the ride was over.

I’m grateful to the Hughes for inviting me to one of their last parties at the Hoffman Playland.

I used to take my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren there.

On Friday, Aug. 15, Brandon had taken another vacation day. I learned from my daughter, Kathy Carnevale, that my son, Danny’s headstone had arrived.

Brandon, Samson, and Nichole had gone on a bicycle ride. When I arrived at the cemetery, they were already there. I cried and I hope someday I find it easier to accept my loss.

Brandon, Samson, and Nichole went on to Thacher Park on their bikes and walked the Indian Ladder Trail. We live in such a beautiful area.

At 5 p.m., I rode with Brandon, Samson, and Nichole when he drove them back to Schoharie. They will return on Friday, Aug. 22, to spend another week with dad.

On Saturday, Aug. 16, I was excited because my granddaughter, Kassi Neal, had planned a family outing to the Altamont Fair. I rode to the fair with Kathy and Gary Carnevale, Kassi Neal and Jared Marten. When we got there we visited with Danielle Ricketts and baby Zoey.

Later we spent time with Marcia Pangburn, Kyra Swan, and Ella David. Kyra had her friend, Ella David, spending time with her from Tuesday night until Saturday night.

Later Brandon and Jenn came to the fair and I hung around with them and they brought me home. I thoroughly love the fair, did a lot of walking, and I believe it was good for my legs.

Brandon and Jenn cut weeds down on my property Satuday and Brandon piled a cord of wood I bought for winter.

On Sunday, I drove my car up to Matt Babcock to fix my compressor. Later, I rode to Home Depot with Brandon to pick up a load of lumber he needs to work on his house.

Jenn had gone to pick up Iain from his father and buy school clothes and supplies.

Summer is soon coming to an end, but we’ve enjoyed our good times together outdoors. We did have two rainy days last week but that’s what keeps the fields lush and green.

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