Thompsons Lake

Monday, June 16, rolled around and I was excited because I knew my granddaughter, Danielle, had taken the day off and she, Zoey and I could spend some time together.

I went to their house and we just enjoyed a quiet couple of hours playing with Zoey mostly on the front porch in the shade because it was hot out.

Later I drove my grandson, Brandon Clark, to pick up a car, Honda Accord, as a woman hit him at an intersection and his Jeep was totaled.

Tuesday came in and was a real hot day. It was 86-degrees and humid. I left my house at 7 a.m. and drove out to Ryder School in Cobleskill where my 8-year-old great granddaughter, Nichole Clark, is in the second grade. It was a presentation for Father’s Day at their morning program. It lasted about an hour. Nichole spoke very clearly in front of the filled gymnasium. She said. “Thank you, daddy for taking me to the Great Escape. Thank you, daddy, Love, Nichole. Thank you, daddy for taking me places. Thank you daddy, Love, Nichole.”

I was so proud of her. There were six second-graders chosen to speak and some were speaking so softly, it was barely audible. Nichole didn’t participate in singing the happy Father’s Day song with all the classes and then they pointed at their dads as they ended with “Happy Father’s Day to you!” Nichole said she didn’t sing because her dad wasn’t there.

On Wednesday, June 18, Zoey arrived at 7:30 a.m. but only stayed with me until early afternoon, as Danielle came home after half day of work to take Zoey for her one-year check up.

Zoey weighs 19 pounds now, walks all over, keeps cutting more teeth, eating more table food, and going from formula to whole milk. These are all big steps.

I went with Brandon on the dinner visit. Samson was studying for a big math test. Nichole sang the “Happy Father’s Day” song to Brandon three times and pointed at him as she would have if he could have gotten the time off on Tuesday.

I bought shorts for Samson and Nichole as they are going to Camp Pinnacle for a week starting July 6. Iain Bullis and Kyra Swan are also going. They’re all excited. Iain went last year and Kyra has been going for at least four years.

On Friday, June 20, I vacuumed and filled my gad with dog hair. I must remember to brush Ginger every day now because she’s really shedding.

Saturday, June 21, was a day of getting the jobs done for me. Brandon opened the gateway between the hay field and pasture, removed the hayrack and trough from the pasture, and filled in two holes in the lawn that Reba dug. He also blew out my vacuum cleaner with the compressor.

On Sunday, I visited Danielle, Matt Babcock, and baby Zoey. I also visited Brandon who was busy doing plumbing. Marcia came by and helped me lift my couch and chair to put floor protectors back. My, how time flies. An other week is gone.


Matt Babcock is not a deacon in the Thomspon’s Lake Reformed Church. Matthew Richardson is a deacon in the Thompson’s Lake Reformed Church and delivers an inspirational sermon. My daughter’s name id Kathy Neal Carnevale and her husband’s name is Gary Carnevale.

Thanks for reading my column.