Thompsons Lake, Dec 12, 2013

Monday, Dec. 2, I spent with my granddaughter, Danielle, and great-granddaughter, Zoey. It’s just enjoyable being with them.

We went to Wal-Mart, BJ’s, and Hannaford, nothing exciting, just groceries but Danielle was happy to stock the freezer.

I read in the paper that Phantom of the Opera was coming to Proctor’s I really wanted to see it again as I saw it a few years ago, but I sat way in the back. I called my sister, Pat Sykala, as she’s a member and she purchased me two good seats for June 7. I can’t wait.

On Tuesday, I wrote out my bills and then went to buy Christmas present for the adults. I can’t divulge what I ordered because they read my column.

I did go to Target and Toys R Us to buy gifts for Nichole and Samson.

Wednesday was a dinner visit with Nichole and Samson in Cobleskill. Nichole likes McDonald’s and Samson likes the Chinese Buffet.

Nichole always wants Subway and says she doesn’t like Chinese. We bring her sub to the buffet and they do have three paying guests. Grandmothers are always easy to win over!

On Thursday, I went and made family calendars. I had been working on this project all week. I have to go through photos and pick out 13. One is for the cover. This year will feature a few extra pictures of Ray and Danny in their memory.

There will be at least one picture of everyone in the family.

On the way home, I stopped at my daughter, Kathy’s house, and visited for a couple of hours.

Friday was a half-day of school and my granddaughter, Kyra, got off the bus at my house and stayed until evening. We talked about Christmas and she really wants money, as she is saving for a laptop. That saves a trip to the store.

Cousin Chris Richardson stopped in the late afternoon and Kyra, Chris and I visited and laughed and had a good conversation.

Saturday brought a visit from my granddaughter, Kassi Neal. I always trim her hair. We had lunch at the Thompson’s Lake Church hall. They served delicious stews, soups, chowder, and chili and their cooks are superb.

On Saturday evening, Kyra spent the night with me, as Marcia had to work. Brandon and Jenn came over and we played Skip-Bo. It reminded me of my mother-in-law, Edith Lee, who first introduced Ray and me to the game. She lived in Granville, and when she got older, Ray and I spent one weekend a month with her.

On Sunday, I took Kyra home and visited with Marcia. Then I got ready for my big night.

At 4 p.m., Marcia, Kyra, Kathy, Gary, Kassi, Jared Martin, and I piled into my SUV and Gary drove us to the Empire State Plaza where we watched the lighting of the Christmas tree and then had dinner at Jack’s. It was a wonderful evening and we were full of Christmas spirit. 

And now I have some community news.

Katherine’s birthday

Sheila Stempel and Sandra Kesselback traveled by train on Thanksgiving to Rochester to be with their daughter and sister, Catherine Appleby, on her birthday. This was a big event. It was the first time Sandra traveled with her portable dialysis machine that weighs 100-pounds. She had no trouble getting someone to load it in Rensselaer but was refused in Rochester.

Catherine and her husband, Arthur, got the train to use their lift to lower the machine and Sheila to the platform.

Sandra used her dialysis machine twice on the trip as they stayed until Saturday, Nov. 30. They celebrated Thanksgiving with granddaughter Gwen’s in-laws.

Gwen and her husband, Ron, spent most of the time with Catherine, Arthur, Sheila, Sandra and Christopher, Sheila’s grandson.

Sheila had an adopted pet on the trip; Christopher’s dog, Jack, slept with her.

It was a memorable trip for Sheila, Sandra, Catherine, Arthur, Gwen, Christopher and Ron.

Wilma’s birthday

Saturday, Nov. 30, was very exciting for Whilma Willsey. She was surprised by an 85th birthday party held at Vince Anna’s in South Westerlo.

All of her children, Winnie, Warren, Joel, Amy, and Erin and their spouses were in attendance. Some of her 8 grandchildren were there.

She received flowers from her granddaughter, Ashley, who lives in Rochester.

Her husband, Mike was by her side and very happy to celebrate with his bride of more than 60 years.

Fred Testa, who works on the sewer system in Berne and has a road named after him, was an honored guest.

Then there was a special guest, a childhood friend, who Whilma grew up with. It was Midge Carl. 

Whilma’s actual birthday is Nov. 27. What a surprise.