Thompsons Lake, Nov. 21, 2013

Monday was Veteran’s Day. Brandon had the day off but he didn’t have Samson and Nichole, as it was Veronica’s turn for a Federal holiday.

I went up to Danielle’s and held Zoey for an hour and it gave her time to get a casserole in the oven for dinner.

I ate with Brandon, Jenn and Iain as they asked me first.

On Tuesday, Miles came and worked on my computer. I give Miles and Melissa credit as they are living without the Internet or even television. They don’t get service for their cell phones on Smokey Hollow Road. I think they are really enjoying life.

On Wednesday, I had my furnace man, Mike Lee, make some needed repairs to my furnace.

In the evening I enjoyed pizza and Boston crème pie with Jenn, Iain, Brandon, Mike Smith, Marcia, and Kyra.

Thursday I returned some of Zoey’s baby items to Danielle as Zoey is 5 months old now and outgrowing many of her baby items. She’ll soon be sitting up.

Friday was an extremely hard day for me. It was my son, Danny’s birthday. My daughter, Kathy, took me to lunch at Tesoro’s in Twenty Mall and then we shopped for groceries at Price Chopper.

On Saturday, I spent most of the day outside. It was warm and beautiful. In the evening Danielle held a gathering at her house in honor of her dad’s birthday. Danny was very fond of cousin, Chris Richardson. Chris, his daughter, Natalie and her boyfriend, Kenny came. Kathy made arapepas, Bobby LaFave made chili con carne, and cousin, Sondra Weigand made deviled eggs and peanut butter cookies.

On Sunday I had a gathering at my house in honor of Dan’s and Danielle’s Nov. 5 birthdays. We always celebrated them together.

Nichole helped me prepare and cook. Brandon and Samson enjoyed time together playing video games. We enjoyed scalloped potatoes and ham, homemade butternut squash that Dan grew and Kathy’s applesauce, made from apples picked from the trees on the farm. Those celebrating with me were Marcia, Kyra, Kathy, Gary, Danielle, Zoey, Brandon, Nichole and Samson, Jenn, Iain, and Miles and Melissa. It was a sad weekend for me but I had the joy of family. My sister, Pat Sykala, also stopped in for a visit.

Thanksgiving eve service

On Wednesday, Nov. 27, at 7:30 p.m., the Thompson’s Lake Reformed Church will host their annual Thanksgiving eve service. Come and show your gratitude to God in song and prayer. The offering will be dedicated to the Helderberg Interfaith Community Safe Haven.