Thompsons Lake, Nov. 7, 2013

I didn’t write a column for last week because the paper was full of other items, so I’ll point out some of my interesting happenings.

On Monday, Oct. 21, my daughter, Kathleen Carnevale spent the day with Zoey and me. She dug out my cana and dahlia bulbs and we spent much of our time outside wheeling Zoey around in the warm sunshine.

Then Kathy made a big pot of sauce with sausage, tomatoes, peppers, onions and mushrooms and baked a spaghetti squash. We had a delicious dinner.

On Tuesday, Oct. 22, my youngest granddaughter, Kyra Swan, turned 12. Kyra is in the seventh grade . Marcia brought home chicken, macaroni and cheese, and chocolate cake.

Jenn Smith called and invited us to eat with her, Brandon, and Iain. She made quesadillas so we combined all the food and had a birthday dinner.

Kyra gets off the bus at my house after school.

On Friday, Oct. 25, I decided I wanted to do some shopping. I packed the diaper bag and off Zoey and I went. We went to BJ’s, then WalMart and finally ShopRite. But mind you, I didn’t buy much in each store.

I put Zoey in her car seat in the stroller and there’s a little room in the base of that for storage or packages.

Saturday, Oct. 26, was busy. Danielle and I went shopping for a Halloween outfit for Zoey and the stores were packed.

We looked for a Lady Bug outfit but couldn’t find one in her size so we settled on Little Red Riding Hood.

Then on Saturday evening I went to the Township Tavern with my grandson, Brandon Clark, and Jenn Smith for a party honoring Pauline Williman.

We had a great dinner and a good time. We really enjoyed learning how famous Pauline had been in her life.

She had several pictures taken with presidents.

Monday, Oct. 28, brought me some very devastating news. I found out that my granddaughter, Danielle Ricketts, had given my son Dan’s beloved dog, Reba, to cousin Chris Richardson. I had said if Danielle didn’t want Reba, an 8-month old Doberman puppy, that I would take her. I guess Danielle figured Reba would be too much for me, as I already have, Ginger, a 4 year old mixed Labrador. Of course, I’m very sensitive lately and I cried.

On Tuesday, Oct. 29, I visited my friend, Barbara Bonneau, and she comforted me.

On Wednesday, my sister, Pat Sykala from Schenectady came to visit and Zoey was very happy. Now two women to hold her and tell her how beautiful she is!

Pat copied off all the condolences from Fredendall’s and brought them to me.

On Wednesday evening I went with my grandson, Brandon to a documentary film on the Anti-Rent Wars held at the Octagon Barn in Knox. It was very interesting. All the seats were filled and many people had to stand.

On Thursday, Halloween, Danielle took half a day off. We dressed Zoey as Little Red Riding Hood and took pictures. Then we took her to Danielle’s office in Corporate Woods. And then to visit Danielle’s mother at Avante Hair Salon and finally to see Zoey’s dad at his worksite in Coxsackie.

Zoey and Iain Bullis were my only trick or treaters.

On Friday, Nov. 1, I had lunch with my daughter, Kathy, at the Italian American Community Center and then I had dinner with my daughter, Marcia Pangburn, Kyra, Brandon, Jenn, Samson, Nichole and Iain at the Texas Roadhouse.

What an experience that was. One eats peanuts and throws the shells on the floor.

On Saturday, Nov. 2, some of Dan’s friends came to put boards up that he’s bought for the barn. I fed them a late lunch of wild turkey, which Dan shot, boiled potatoes, gravy, and corn.

Also on Saturday, a wonderful thing happened. My day really lit up! Cousin Chris Richardson, pulled in and brought Dan’s puppy, Reba, back to me. He’d heard how badly I wanted her and he didn’t want me to be sad.

But remember — be careful what you wish for. Now I am 75 and have a puppy to train and I already have a dog. My husband always said, “One dog, all dog; two dogs, half a dog; and three dogs, no dog at all!

On Sunday, Nov. 3, I attended the Christmas brunch for UPS workers held at the Teamsters 294 meeting. They spoke highly of Dan and his 28 years and untimely death. They presented Danielle with money from a T-shirt benefit sale and a check from the Teamster’s Care.

Danielle, Zoey, Matt Babcock, Kathy and Gary Carnevale, Kassi Neal and Jared Martin and I all enjoyed a delicious brunch.

Danielle also received a T-shirt signed by everyone in and around the Hub who supported the benefit. Kathy’s husband, Gary, is a UPS package car driver and was very involved with his co-workers in supporting the effort to show their feelings in losing Dan, who spent 28 years with UPS.

Bible reading

 Pastor Tim Van Heest’s final session of the class Bible Reading for Busy Believers will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 13. The class is open to all adults and will meet at the church hall at the Knox Reformed Church from 7 to 8:15 p.m.

Congregational meeting

The annual congregational meeting of the Thompson’s Lake Reformed Church will be held on Sunday, Nov. 10. It is at this meeting that we vote on the 2014 budget and the Consistory members for the coming year.