Thompsons Lake, Oct. 24, 2013

Monday, Oct. 14, was Columbus Day. Danielle had to work and I had Zoey. Brandon picked up Samson and Nichole for the day. This gave me the perfect opportunity to have Brandon take pictures of me with my three great-grandchildren, Samson, Nichole and Zoey.

Then Brandon, Samson and Nichole rode their bikes to Thacher Park and hiked the Indian Ladder Trail. When they came back, Nichole and Samson baked cupcakes for Jenn Smith’s birthday and Nichole frosted them.

Jenn Smith and Iain came over and we had a party.

Tuesday, Oct. 15, was Jenn’s actual birthday. Brandon and I joined Jenn and Iain at Martel’s in Albany with Jenn’s grandparents, Connie and Bob Hughes, for dinner to celebrate Jenn’s birthday.

Wednesday, Oct. 16, Zoey slept until 9:30 a.m. She gets here at 7:30 a.m. Zoey is cutting teeth and sometimes is uncomfortable.

My sister, Pat Sykala, came to baby-sit while I had a doctor’s appointment. Joey enjoyed having Aunt Pat, as she really pampers her.

On Oct. 17, Zoey turned 4 months old.

Brandon brought home fresh Brussels sprouts from Kleinke’s farm market. I cooked them and also prepared a cheese sauce.

My grandson, Miles Pangburn, stopped in earlier and visited with my granddaughter, Kyra Swan and me.

A pleasant surprise

On Friday, Oct. 18, I went with Brandon to Schoharie to pick up Samson and Nichole. We came home to a pleasant surprise; Joe Bennett of Ravena came and cut the hay in the field by my living room. I had hoped I could get someone to cut it since the tractor we mow with is still broken.

Joe Bennett is one of our extra special friends.

Saturday, Oct. 19, came and I had a surprise. A yellow caterpillar was on my doorstep and came right in my back room. Yellow was Dan’s favorite color.

Brandon, Samson, Nichole, Jenn, Iain, Marcia, Kyra and I all participated in helping at the annual turkey supper at the Thompson’s Lake Church.

After church on Sunday, Brandon, Samson, Nichole and I visited Marcia and Kyra and then we went to visit Sheila Stempel. We are so happy she is home now and feeling better. We all enjoyed spending time with our favorite organist.

After lunch, Brandon and Samson played video games and Nichole and I played house.

After the children left for their mother’s my daughter, Kathy and her husband, Neal Carnevale invited me for dinner. Her main dish of homemade macaroni and cheese was delicious.