Thompsons Lake, Feb 27, 2014

Monday, Feb. 17, was my Zoey day for the week. Today, Zoey turned eight months old. She still has no teeth but they’re coming. My mother always said it’s better to cut teeth later. She thought they would be healthier and stronger. We’ll see.

Zoey was really entertained by a duck toy of Nichole’s. When you put something in its mouth, it quacks. It had a bottle ut that’s somewhere in the toy box. A finger works just as well. 

After a very enjoyable day with Zoey, I went with Brandon to Schoharie to pick up Samson and Nichole. This was Brandon’s school vacation week with the children.

Tuesday, Feb. 18, was the beginning of a wonderful school vacation week for me. Because of confusion with the school holidays Brandon was unable to request time off from work. Samson and Nichole were stuck with great-grandma, but that wasn’t so bad.

Today was Uncle Miles Pangburn’s birthday. He had the week off from substitute teaching chemistry and biology classes at Cobleskill-Richmondville High School. Miles came and picked us up, then his mother, Marcia Pangburn, and we went and had lunch at the Fox Creek Store in Berne.

It was a memorable way to spend the day. Miles’ sister, Kyra Swan, was in Coxsackie for a few days with her friend, Beth Courtney and family. 

Samson and Nichole were outside sledding when Brandon got home. After they fed the chickens, they enjoyed more sledding together.

Wednesday, Feb. 19, brought four more inches of snow. After their breakfast, the children went outside to play King of the Mountain and sledding. Except for lunch and the time helping dad feed the chickens and carrying wood in for me, they stayed outside with Brandon until after dark.

Thursday, Feb. 20, was a beautiful sunny day. I played RISK with Samson for the second time this week and I lost again. I just haven’t learned the strategy. 

Nichole and I made Bendables. She’s a much better artist than I am. She gave me credit for a dog I made but I think I told her what it was. Bendables are like pipe cleaners. Nichole also was going through all her toys because she wants to have a garage slae probably in May.

When Brandon got home from work, he did chores with Samson and Nichole and then they rode their bikes to Jenn and Iain Smith’s house. They all enjoyed dinner at the Maples Inn.

Friday, Feb. 21, arrived and so did rain. It was 47-degrees and a dreary day. Nichole was still busy with Bendables. She was making name tags for her workers (family members) to wear at the garage sale. Samson and I played RISK again. Nothing new to report. He then played a game on the computer. I kept them in as long as I could and then they went out to play King of the Mountain and make trails in the snow. It was getting to wet for sledding and they got soaked.

After dinner, Jenn Smith and Iain came over and we watched the movie, Grace Unplugged.

On Saturday, Feb. 22, Samson, Nichole and I went to breakfast at the Helderberg Lutheran Church with Jenn Smith and Ian and then to the library.

Then Jenn, Iain, Nichole and Samson met up with Brandon and they went shopping for Brandon’s birthday. They all enjoyed dinner at the Texas Roadhouse.

Later, Brandon and Nicole picked up Kyra Swan and she spent the night with them at Jenn and Iain’s house.

On Sunday, Feb. 23, we all went to church. Then, Brandon, Nichole, Samson, and I visited Danielle, Zoey, and Matt Babcock at their house. Next Brandon, Nichole and Samson went to Jenn and Iain’s to enjoy playing games together. 

After dinner, I rode with Brandon to take Nichole and Samson back to Veronica and the end to a glorious week.

Ecumenical Lenten worship

The first worship and fellowship Wednesday evening service during the season of Lent will held on March 5, at the Helderberg Lutheran Church. The topic will be “Perseverance” and the preacher will be Pastor Bob Hoffman. All are welcome.

Bible study

The Rev. Bob Hoffman leads a Bible study for adults and you are invited.  The next study is Thursday, March 6, at 7 p.m., at the church hall in the Knox Reformed Church.

Book sale

The Berne Library is planning a 2-day book sale. It will be held on Saturday, March 29, form 9 a.m. to 2 .m., and on Sunday, March 30, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be books for sale and different media.

The sale will take place at the Berne Senior Center. If you have books to donate, bring them on Saturday, March 22, between 9 a.m. and noon. If that is not convenient, call the library at 872-1246 to make other arrangements.

Historical society

The Knox Historical Society plans to present a quilt show on Sunday, Aug. 3. They will highlight quilts made by the Knox Reformed Church quilters.

If you have a quilt that you could loan, any pictures or any other information that you could loan, please call one of the following: Donna, at 872-2161; Marie, at 872-2638; or Jane, at 872-2082.

Other quilters will be exhibiting. Berne Historical Society is planning a quilt show on the same day and at the same time.