Thompsons Lake, Feb 13, 2014

Monday, Feb. 3, was my Zoey day for the week. I had to go to the bank so I bundled up Zoey and we took the news to Altamont and then drove to KeyBank in Voorheesville.

I introduced Zoey to all the staff at the bank and all agreed with me that she’s a beautiful baby.

Tuesday, Feb.4, was my appointment for a scheduled mammogram in Latham at Capital Imaging. I drove to my daughter, Kathy Neal’s house and she drove from there.

We spent an enjoyable day together and I got the job done.

Then that evening I got invited to Jenn Smith’s house for tacos.

On Wednesday, Feb.5, it snowed all day. We accumulated 14-inches of snow.

Danielle, my granddaughter, stayed home due to driving condition. I made many phone calls checking on loved ones getting home. My mother, Martha Longacker, used to do the same thing, call and worry about everyone.

My granddaughter, Kassi Neal, was in Kentucky for her job at Delmar Place. She had been there for 2 days and arrived safely back in Albany. Her father, Gary Carnevale, picked her up at the airport after his long day delivering packages for UPS.

Thursday, Feb. 6, came in at 8-degrees below zero. This winter has been a hard one. Now the temperatures are below zero. Before that was a huge snowstorm.

Our plow truck is out of commission. The reverse isn’t working. We need a new transmission.

I went with my grandson, Brandon Clark, to Cobleskill at 4 p.m., for his dinner visit with his children, Nichole and Samson. After they finished their homework, we went to a store as Nichole wanted a weekly, monthly dated planner like I have. She planned to write everything down that she does while in Saranac Lake this weekend for the ice festival.

Friday, Feb. 7, is my grocery shopping day. I especially wanted to buy salmon. I never really cared for salmon until my daughter, Kathy, prepared it for my grandson, Brandon, at Danny’s 50th birthday dinner. 

Kathy gave me her simple recipe. Cover the salmon with honey mustard and mayonnaise and bake at 350-degrees for 30 minutes. I can’t wait to prepare it again.

Saturday, Feb. 8, arrived and again 8-degrees below zero. I’m so glad to have a woodstove to sit by and read.

My grandson, Brandon’s friend from high school, Emilio Flores, his girlfriend, Cristin and her daughter, Hannah arrived from Fort Lauderdale Fl. to visit around 3 p.m.

On Sunday, Feb. 9, Emilio went to church with Brandon, Jenn Smith, and me. It was only zero this morning.

After church, we visited Brandon’s mother, Marcia Pangvurn, and her daughter, Kyra. Emilio spent many hours at Marcia’s house with Brandon during his high school years.

Later Emilio, Cristin and Hannah came to the farm to go sledding with Brandon and were joined by Jenn Smith and Iain. This was the first time in her life Hannah had seen snow.

Emilio, Cristin and Hannah plan to head home on Tuesday. They have many memories and photos of winter in New York.

Bible study

The adult Bible study led by Rev. Bob Hoffman will meet on Thursday, Feb. 20, at 7 p.m., at the church hall in the Knox Reformed Church. All are welcome.