Thompsons Lake, Feb 6, 2014

Monday, Jan. 27, was a snowy day. I wrote the news but was nervous about driving so decided to go on Tuesday to Altamont.

Kyra got off the bus at 3 p.m. and we spent the rest of the afternoon discussing school.

Marcia came home and enjoyed dinner with us. 

Tuesday, Jan. 28, rolled around and I headed for Altamont. When I was about halfway there the light came on stating that I needed air in my tires. I pulled into Stewart’s. My knees bother me when bending down low. I saw a young man in a tow truck and asked him for help. He said he couldn’t, as he had to get to work. Then a UPS truck pulled in. The driver didn’t hesitate when I asked him. He did know Dan, Gary Carnevale, and Tommy Ryan; who are all UPS drivers. 

His name was Mark. He put air in my tires and told me it might take awhile for the sensor to go off and disappeared into Stewart’s. 

I’d say it only took him about 10 minutes to put air in my tires but I really appreciated his thoughtfulness. I thought, “Thank you, Dan, for all the friends you have.” I drove from there to Citizens Bank with tears in my eyes remembering Dan’s friendly personality.

Wednesday, Jan. 29, arrived very cold. My daughter, Kathy came for breakfast and put my Christmas decorations away.

At 4 p.m. I went to Cobleskill with my grandson, Brandon Clark, for his dinner visit with his children, Samson and Nichole.

Samson spent the entire time doing homework. Samson’s in sixth grade now. Nichole and Brandon enjoyed their time together going over her school work.

Thursday, Jan. 30, was minus-2 below zero. It’s still very cold.

This was my Zoey day. It’s the one-day a week I’m caring for 7-month-old Zoey from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. she stays awake most of the day. She sleeps all night from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. During the day she slept from 10:45 to 11:15 a.m.

She eats cereal and fruit for brealfast and protein, vegetables and fruit for lunch. I hold her most of the time. We also love to play on my bed. She creeps all over as soon as she’s put on the floor.

Jenn Smith and Iain brought pizza and wings to Danielle Ricketts and Matt Babcock’s house for dinner.

Brandon and I joined them and Miles and Melissa Pangburn dropped by.

It’s such great joy just to get together.

On Friday, Jan. 31, I drove to Price Chopper and bought groceries for the week. I prepared salmon, baked potatoes, and tossed salad for dinner.

After dinner my grandson, Brandon took me to the Spectrum Theater to see the movie, Labor Day. It was a great story and the perfect way to spend a Friday night.

Saturday, Feb. 1, was kind of a quiet day. I spent a long time cleaning the pot I put water in on the top of my wood stove for humidity. I have hard water.

I visited Brandon and Jenn at his new house where he’d been working all day. He finished up and he, Jenn and I went to Mangia’s restaurant for dinner.

Sunday, Feb. 2, was Ground Hog Day but I learned a long time ago it doesn’t matter whether or not he sees his shadow. We’ll still have winter for six more weeks or more.

Kyra came to spend time with me while my daughter, Marcia, went to work at the V.A. hospital.

I made a tuna casserole and Kyra and I ate together and enjoyed talking about our week and mostly about her friends and her school. I enjoy being with her now. She’s only 12 and when she’s 14 or 15 she’ll probably be busy with her friends.