Thompsons Lake, Jan 30, 2014

Monday, Jan. 20, was a holiday. It was Martin Luther King’s birthday. Marcia had to work and dropped off Kyra at my house at 7 a.m. 

Kyra and I went with Brandon to pick up Nichole and Samson. It was his holiday to spend with them. Jenn Smith and Iain met us at Sunset Lanes in Colonie.

We ate appetizers and bowled two games.

We then went to the Museum of History and Art. It was a free admission day. We learned about the mummies and I thought it was very interesting. I can’t believe they preserved bodies for hundreds of years.

The artwork on display was also enjoyable. There were many beautiful pictures of the Helderbergs.

We came back to my house around 3 p.m. and I roasted a chicken for dinner.

Marcia drove Brandon and the children back to Schoharie so she could spend more time with her grandchildren.

On Tuesday, Jan. 21, my sister Pat Sykala, picked me up and we drove to Starkville to visit our sister-in-law, Linda Richardson and her brother, David Carman.

We also visited our nephew, Mike Richardson. 

We saw the improvements made on niece, Teri Barton and her husband Mark’s house. This was needed after the last flood rampaged through Fort Plain and surrounding communities. The flood completely destroyed their furnace and the water rose to the first floor.

Mark is redoing the living room and they bought a new pellet stove.

Pat and I visited Danielle and Zoey and cousin Chris Richardson was there.

On Wednesday, Jan. 22, the temperature was minus 10 below zero at my house. Danielle picked me and Kathy up and we went to Danielle’s dental appointment. Kathy and I got to play with Zoey. We had a quick lunch at Toole’s.

We all had appointments with a medium. Danielle did get some help with her grieving. Kathy and I batted a zero. 

The medium had asked all of us about a wooden box with carvings on top. I said Dan made several wooden gift plaques. She asked about stew and I said he made a wooden plaque for my kitchen with prices for food and it lists venison stew $3.25. He also made a checker game for his dad in a wooden box and he made candlesticks.

The medium asked all of us about the wooden box with carvings on the cover and we couldn’t remember it.

The medium also told Danielle her dad would leave her dimes not pennies.

We left there with questions unanswered.

Thursday, Jan. 23, arrived and was still cold. I went grocery shopping with Danielle and Zoey and then to the new babysitter’s so I’d know where she lives. While there, Danielle sat on the floor with Zoey and when getting up found she was sitting on a dime.

Friday, Jan. 24, was minus two out. I went to Price Chopper and picked up some lunch-meat for Danielle. She’s back in the office on Monday.

I enjoyed a cup of coffee, with Danielle and played with Zoey.

Brandon picked up Nichole and Samson; fed the chickens, and them we drove to Jenn Smith’s for pizza. Marcia came to eat,  pick up Kyra, and give me a ride home.

Kyra has been babysitting Iain every day after school.

Saturday, Jan. 25, was big news. Zoey crept across the room in front of Danielle and Matt. That’s a first for the baby book.

Then there was another big news item. Matt found a wooden box with carvings on top in Dan’s cellar. Inside were love-letters from Monica, Lisa and Nancy but underneath them was a wooden plaque that read, “I’m only happy when I’m with you.” That must be what Dan wanted Danielle to find.

Brandon, Nichole and Samson took Reba and picked up Iain to go to Thompson’s Lake to sing on the ice with Marcia, Kyra, and their Pugs. Kyra was going to bring her iPod to provide the music.

After enjoying a turkey dinner, Marcia and Brandon fed and walked Miles and Melissa’s dogs while they were away.

Sunday, Jan. 26, brought five-inches of snow and five degree temperatures. We went to church and then Brandon, Samson, Nichole, Jenn and Iain spent the afternoon sleigh riding. 

I prepared a chicken dinner and then rode to Schoharie with Brandon to take Samson and Nichole back to their mother. 

Nichole and Samson usually pretend to be asleep or lock the doors hoping to spend more time with their dad.

I got out to ask Veronica what time Nichol’s doctor’s appointment was on Monday and to give her Nichole’s hat. 

Nichole’s knee is covered with new shiny skin. She doesn’t seem in pain unless the knee is touched. She still has to have the bandage changed twice a day.

Brandon had gotten out to retrieve the children’s book bags from the back of the Jeep. Then everyone was out, the car was running, and the doors were locked. Veronica left and we went in the Dunkin Donuts and Brandon called the sheriff. A kind officer came and opened the car. This won’t happen again. One of us will sit in the car.

 Samson and Nichole were upset; they won’t have another weekend with dad until Feb. 21.

Luckily for Brandon and me an understanding officer came on a very cold night and assisted us. Everything ended satisfactory. Like the billboard in New Salem states, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You’ll never know what you’ll end up with.”

Bible study

The adult Bible study led by Rev. Bob Hoffman will meet on Thursday, Feb. 6, at 7 p.m., in the church hall at the Knox Reformed church. All are welcome.