Thompsons Lake, Jan 23, 2013

Another week is zooming by. The Polar Vortex weather is supposed to return this week; I guess before we know it, spring will be here. 

I wasn’t expecting her on Monday but Marcia took the day off and came by to work on filling out paperwork for her license as an X-Ray tech. She has to do educational credits every tow years and send in all the information.

Then I wrote my news and took pictures to my granddaughter, Danielle, that I took every month for the last four months of her pregnancy.

Zoey is 7 months old now and doing much more. She can get into her toy basket and get something out she wants to play with. She’s still trying to crawl but hasn’t quite mastered the procedure.

I baked a spaghetti squash for dinner and served it with Alfredo sauce. My daughter, Kathy is always taking about how much healthier it is instead of eating pasta.

My daughter, Marcia, ate with Brandon and me as Kyra has been babysitting Iain for the last two weeks and eats with them.

On Tuesday, Jan. 14, I had an eye doctor appointment. I drove to Kathy’s house and she drove me to Everett road and waited for me. They always dilate my eyes and I can’t see for hours. The doctor said my eyes are in excellent condition.

Wednesday, Jan. 15, was an exciting day as its Brandon’s dinner visit with Samson and Nichole.

On Tuesday, Veronica took Nichole to a plastic surgeon in Albany and he said the knew looks like it’s healing well and he wouldn’t suggest a skin graft. He said the skin graft would bring more pain to Nichole than what’s she’s had with the knee burn.

Veronica cancelled her appointment for a skin graft in Cooperstown.

Thursday, Jan. 16, we woke up to five-inches of snow on the ground but the skies did clear.

I went with Danielle to do some shopping. She needed a new blind for Zoey’s room. She also needed to stock up on diapers and formula, as she is returning to work on Jan. 27. Her tree-month family leave just flew by. 

We went to BJ’s also and I needed dog food and a few grocery items.

I went to Price Chopper on Friday and then went to see Danielle and Zoey. I had more pictures to give her. Cousin, Chris Richardson from Starkville was there and we had a nice visit. I had a nice picture of Danielle and him taken at her baby shower in May that I gave him.

Saturday, Jan. 18, came and more snow. It was very cold and blustery all day. 

My granddaughter, Kassi Neal, came to spend the day with me. We prepared a brunch and enjoyed our time together. She is very excited about moving into the house she bought on Warner’s Lake.

Kathy invited me to dinner and then Marcia invited me but late in the afternoon I got stomach cramps and chills and stayed home to recover.

Sunday was church. Pastor Tim Van Heest’s sermon always gives me a good outlook for the coming week.

I had undressed my Christmas tree on Saturday so Brandon packed it in the box and put it away. It’s hard to believe Christmas has come and gone again. I felt better today.

Thompson’s Lake church news

On Sunday, Jan. 19, we celebrated the ordination and installation of Matthew Richardson as a deacon of our congregation.