Thompsons Lake, Jan 16, 2013

Another week has already passed by. It was a very frigid week.

On Monday, Jan. 6, I was supposed to go shopping with my daughter, Marcia, to buy her a birthday present. I started calling her house about 9 a.m. and every half-hour until noon and she didn’t answer.

It started snowing and I got nervous. I drove my news to Altamont, went to the bank and got gas. Marcia appeared about 2 p.m., and said she had slept until noon. She had worked all night at the VA hospital.

We went and had lunch at the Bistro 24 restaurant on Central Ave., then went to JC Penney to pick out a pair of jeans for her as my present.

Marcia hadn’t bought a pair of jeans since 2008, so it was about time.

On Tuesday, Jan. 7, I was able to keep my appointment with the orthopedic doctor to get a cortisone shot in my left knee. I had to cancel the last appointment due to snow and slippery roads. Boy, I really needed that shot.

Now I should be able to walk a little straighter and faster.

In the evening, Brandon and I enjoyed a venison steak dinner.

Wednesday, Jan. 8 was another important day. Reba needed her sutures removed. My daughter, Kathy, came over and we had breakfast and then she drove me to the animal hospital to pick up Reba. Reba is a big dog. She looks like a colt. She’s very loyal and well behaved. Dobermans are known for being very close to their owners. She lay right on the floor and let the technicians take her sutures out. Now I have to watch her that she doesn’t eat anymore puppy toys.

Thursday, Jan. 9, was an exciting day for me. I spent it with Danielle and Zoey while she was getting pictures reprinted from her camera and a disc.

She had 6 months worth of photographs so it took her over an hour to view all the photos and order prints.

I pushed Zoey in the cart and played with her. She is six months old now, sitting up and starting to crawl.

Marcia stopped by and ate dinner with Brandon and me. Then Brandon and I went to the Bible study at the Knox church hall.

Friday came and I went grocery shopping. I went with Brandon to pick up the children at a new babysitter in Cobleskill.

We came back to Jenn Smith’s and enjoyed a great birthday party for Marcia.

Jenn served two different pizzas, one with sausage and mushrooms and the other pepperoni. We also had a delicious carrot cake.

Marcia then blew out her candles and then as is our tradition the giver reads their birthday card to the celebrant.

Samson read the card from the grandchildren. He changed his voice and it sounded like he had an accent and he made it very entertaining. Marcia kept having him read it over saying she couldn’t understand him. We all laughed so hard. There’s nothing like laughter to make for a good day.

Saturday, Jan. 11, was a quiet day. Brandon, Jennifer, Samson, Nichole and Iain went to Cap Com to open savings accounts with money they earned waiting on tables at the Thompson’s Lake church supper in October. I made a big pot of pea soup. It was Marcia’s actual birthday and she came over to eat soup with me. It’s one of her favorites. Kyra came but ate a sandwich as she doesn’t like pea soup. She may like it when she grows up.

Brandon, Samson and Nichole came back and I finally got a good look at Nichole’s knee. I’m so relieved; I can’t say it’s not a bad burn from the treadmill but in reality it’s not very deep. Veronica’s taking her to a plastic surgeon for a second opinion on Tuesday but she still has a skin graft appointment with a plastic surgeon on Wednesday.

I know the doctors will decide what is best for Nichole. The injury seems to be healing well but I don’t know if the skin in the center would grow back on its own. That’s for the specialists to determine.

On Sunday, Jan. 12, we went to church and then to a brunch at Pauline Williman’s. What a spread. The food was delicious and the conversation interesting.

Pauline hosts a brunch every year and it usually coincides with her birthday, Jan.11.

Later I rode with Brandon to take Nichole and Samson back to their mother. 

It was a happy loving weekend.