Thompsons Lake

My daughter, Marcia Pangburn, was interviewed by the Enterprise last week for an article that appeared in the July 31 paper.  It was an unfortunate incedent and one that is causing her sleepless nights.

Marcia does keep lights on the graves of her brother and her father, Ray Ricketts. He liked to keep all the lights on. He wasn’t afraid of the dark or anything or anybody. He just liked the lights on.

I was thrifty and shut the lights off in rooms we weren’t using.

On Monday, July 28, Brandon and Jenn had the day off. It was raiing so they took Samson, Nichole, and Iain to the YMCA to swim.

On Tuesday evening, July 29, Jenn hosted a birthday party for Iain at the Knox town park. The menu was pizza and cookies. Iain doesn’t like cake!

The party was well attended by both sides of the family. Jenn’s grandfather, Norman Smith, came with his daughter, Patty Willsey. Jenn’s Aunt Lisa came with her daughter, Maura and Jenn’s three brothers came. Michael came with his son, Noah. Chris and Amanda came with Clay and Finn. Ryan came with Nancy and Cooper.

On our side were Brandon, Samson, Nichole, Marcia Pangburn, Kathy and Gary Carnevale, Kassi Neal, Jared Martin and me.

Iain received a couple of games, gift cards, and money. He picked out a bicycle to buy with his cash.

On Wednesday, July 30, Nichole rode her bicycle over and spent most of the day with me. We played school. She read books to me and did math problems. Samson and Iain played games together.

On Thursday, July 31, Nichole spent the afternoon with me. We went fishing. I carried a folding chair down to the pond, as my legs bother me to stand a long time.

I forgot to mention that on Tuesday during the day, Brandon and Jenn took Samson, Nichole, and Iain hiking in the Catskill Mountains and they took beautiful pictures of Katerskill Falls.  

On Thursday evening, July 31, I went down to Thacher Park with Brandon, Jenn, Samson, Nichole, and Iain to watch them ride the sip line.

Then came Friday, Aug. 1, and it was Iain’s actual birthday. Brandon and Jenn took Samson, Iain, and Nichole to a place called Flight, where there are many trampolines. They all played dodge ball while on trampolines. Iain is now legally 8 years old.

On Saturday, Aug. 2, Danielle and Zoey came for a visit. I baked a pie for the quilt show.

On Sunday, Aug. 3, I went to church and then took my vehicle up to Matt Babcock’s because my air conditioning had quit on Friday. It turns out to be a bigger problem. It’s my compressor. Matt ordered the part and I know he’s planning on fixing my vehicle.

I haven’t felt well since July 24. I first thought I had allergies but I guess it’s a virus. It’s lingering on but I hoe to soon be better.

I had a memorable week with Samson and Nichole here with their dad. They get to spend half of the summer with him now that the divorce is final.

Vacation Bible school

Vacation Bible school will be held at the Knox Reformed Church from Monday, Aug. 11 to Aug. 15. It is held everyday from 9 to 11: 45 a.m. The closing program is at noon on Aug. 15. A picnic will be held following the program. All are invited to attend.

Music in the Park

Enjoy dinner and a snack at the food booth at the Berne town park as you listen to the last Music in the Park event on Wednesday, Aug. 13.

The musicians performing at the free concert that night from 6:30 p.m. to dusk will be Church Wagon.

The money earned will be used to purchase and install an air conditioning system for the Berne Public Library.

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