Thompson Lake

Monday, June 9, was a sad day for me as it would have been Ray’s 75th birthday. My daughter, Kathy, always insists that everyone in Heaven is happy, and that makes me feel better.

I attended the senior luncheon at the Knox Reformed Church. The food was delicious. We were served sub sandwiches with salads, and ice cream and cookies for dessert. The room was full and the conversations interesting. The entertainment was the four-year-old class of the Knox Nursery School singing patriotic songs.

In the late afternoon, my daughter Kathy and Neal Carnevale came to visit and then my grandson Brandon Clark, along with Jenn Smith, and Iain took me to the Yellow Deli in Oak Hill as a special treat.

On Tuesday, June 10, I met my sister, Pat Sykala, at the Home Front Café in Altamont for lunch. We haven’t been seeing much of each other, just a phone call, and now we’re trying to get together more often.

Wednesday, June 11, was very cool. It was only 63-degrees and I actually turned my heat on.

I went on the dinner visit with Brandon to Cobleskill. It was raining, so he brought along some board games, but it did stop raining and they played Bocci Ball. That seems to be their favorite, with Frisbee coming in second.

Thursday, June 12, came and I am in the routine of taking two Aleve tablets and holding a heating pad on my siatic nerve several times a day. I don’t know why, but I came down with the pain on Monday, I’ve had this condition several times in the past.

I went to a wake at the Reilly Funeral Home on Central Ave. for my sister-in-law, Mary Badcock’s brother, Charles Kabrehl. I was impressed that he was a 60-year member of the IBEW union.

Friday, June 12, arrived with more rain. I had to pick up a prescription and shop for groceries. I got a call from my daughter, Kathy, she was picking up dinner for us. We spent the evening together. We actually were able to sit outside as the rain subsided.

Saturday, June 14, was going to be a busy day. I promised to make a macaroni salad, a vegetable platter, and a fruit platter for my great granddaughter Zoey’s first birthday party. Her actual birthday is June 17.

The party started at 2 p.m. at Danielle Ricketts and Matt Babcock’s house. The house was packed with people and Zoey received new toys and new clothes. The funniest part was the cake. Danielle’s mother, Desiree Wagner, bought a large sheet cake, and then a small cake just for Zoey. Zoey was eating the whole cake from the side. I guess you’d have to see it. She was like a little actress performing. We were all entertained, and everyone was snapping pictures with their cell phones.

Samson, Kyra, Nichole, and several other children went swimming in the pond. No adults joined them. It was frigid weather. It might have reached 68 degrees.

Sunday, June 15, was Father’s Day, and Brandon always takes us to the Gas Up in Gallupville to celebrate. We enjoy the chicken barbecue. Nichole and Iain Bullis like to wash clothes the old fashioned way, and Samson loves to grind corn into grain. We get to visit with old friends.

This year they had Army equipment, and Samson, Nichole, and Iain loved riding on the big Army tank as it paraded around the grounds. It was a busy weekend.

Thompson’s Lake

Reformed Church

On Sunday, we were honored to have Matthew Richardson lead us in worship. His sermon, “What is a Father?” was very informative. He also gave the children a message that would keep them thinking about a dad’s role in their lives. Tim Van Heest was in Chicago until Tuesday, so we were fortunate to have Matthew Babcock as a deacon of the church.