Thompsons Lake, Dec. 5, 2013

Monday, May 26, my daughter, Marcia Pangburn, came for breakfast, and then we attended the parade in Berne.

My grandson, Brandon Clark, along with Jenn Smith, and his children, Samson and Nichole, met us at the town hall for the parade.

After the parade, Brandon and his children planted a vegetable garden, and then went swimming in Uncle Dan Rickett’s Pond, and were joined by Jenn and her son, Iain Bullis.

On Tuesday, May 27, I wrote the news, took it to Altamont, and went to the bank. It was 87 degrees and muggy. I felt overheated and took it easy. Brandon, Jenn, and Iain went swimming again.

Along came Wednesday, May 28, and Zoey came at 7:30 a.m. This not my usual day to watch her but Danielle took her to the doctor yesterday, and he said she has a virus and couldn’t be around children until the rash was gone. Danielle could stay home from work but she was planning to take a summer day off.

Zoey seemed better, but we wanted her home. She let me look at her six teeth and I think they’re giving her some discomfort. She cuddled with the stuffed animals, Reba, our big puppy, and me.

I did miss the dinner visit with Samson and Nichole, but Samson called me, and told me about a report he’s writing for social studies about Medieval times. He is very interested in that era.

On Thursday, May 29, I went to Wal-Mart to pick up photos and shopped at Marshall’s for a gift certificate for my granddaughter, Melissa Pangburn, whose birthday is Sunday, June 1.

This was also a sad day because my daughter, Kathy Carnevale’s father-in-law, Jack Carnevale, had a heart attack yesterday, and passed away today. He was almost 83 years old, and a loving husband, father, and grandfather.

Friday, May 30 arrived, and it was grocery day again. Then I went with my daughter, Marcia, to Rotterdam to meet her daughter, Kyra Swan’s friend Ella David’s grandparents.

Kyra went with them to Sacandaga Lake for the weekend.

Brandon picked up his children Samson and Nichole, and they climbed Vroman’s Nose in Middleburgh, and got caught in a thunderstorm. They came home drenched, but were fine after they got out of their wet clothes.

On Saturday, May 31, my great-granddaughter and I went to Thompson’s Lake Reformed Church to watch the play The Boardinghouse. We were soon joined by Brandon, Jenn, Samson, and Iain. It was a very entertaining afternoon.

The children sat up front, and had great seats. It was well worth the admission price. We laughed and laughed. What a way to spent the afternoon.

On Sunday, June 1, we all went to church. Brandon and the children planted trees and then swam in the pond joined by Jenn, who had been moving her work computers to the new house.

My sister, Pat Sykala, came, and planted some perennial; Forget-Me-Nots, Lilly of the Valley and Myrtle.

I prepared a delicious dinner of venison roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, and squash. Then it was time for Samson and Nichole to return to their mother.

We all enjoyed every minute we were together, and look forward to June 13.

Special Sunday

On Sunday, June 8 at 11 a.m., the Knox and Thomspon’s Lake Reformed Church will be worshipping together at the Knox town park.

A picnic follow the service, and as weather allows, fun and games. Bring food to share, beverages for your family, and table service.