My cell phone is a constant source of anguish for me. It may not be able to think or reason or have feelings but it certainly can annoy. Some of my friends laugh when I relate my latest tale of grief caused by that little electronic device that is supposed to give us freedom and comfort. They respond with, “I just give the phone to my grandchild and they fix it for me.”

My problem cannot be fixed. What I need is a new phone that will not hang up on me in the middle of a conversation. I could bore you with a list of all of the problems caused by this monster but instead I will just inform you on the happy day that the contract is up and I have successfully smashed my phone to itsy bitsy pieces.

The friends that I was having coffee with mercifully changed the subject to something that is always interesting to us, food. Actually we started with drinks, coffee to be exact.

One lady friend was with her family when her daughter said, “Why don’t we stop and get a cup of coffee?” They happened to be in a mall and were passing a Starbucks. Of course, most mothers would not say no to a grown daughter who makes such a suggestion.

My friend hadn’t been in Starbucks before and was looking forward to the treat of what she had heard was, one of the best coffees she would ever taste. When she entered she was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful confluence of aromas.

 The barista approached said, “good morning,” and asked what would you like to drink?” When there was a little pause the barista suggested, “How about one of our new hazelnut macchiato?” When a glaze covered mom’s eyes the barista continued, “It is a tantalizing combination of rich espresso, creamy milk and sweet hazelnut. It is a good experience for a newbie”.

My friend suddenly realized that the person behind the counter was talking to her and yet she could not understand what she meant as she went on with, “Our brewed coffee is roasted and brewed fresh all day long. Or you could have one of our luxurious hot chocolate beverages. Perhaps you would like an espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, Frappuccino, macchiato or mochas?” “A Caramel Macchiato is nice also. It is made with freshly steamed milk with vanilla-flavored syrup, marked with espresso and finished with caramel sauce.”

My friend’s daughter quietly led her mother away from the counter and her husband stepped up and said, “She will have the bold pick of the day,” and went on to order for the rest of the family. As they sat enjoying their beverages my friend said that she just wanted a cup of coffee and the choices overwhelmed her.

Someone picked up on being overwhelmed and turned the discussion toward movie theaters and refreshments. “When we go to the movies we have to plan our budget well ahead of time, “she said.

“The first thing that we have to do in preparation is spread the paper out on the table and read the list of what is at the multiplex theater.” “It was easy years ago. You just walked down the street, paid your 25 cents, bought a candy bar for a nickel, and a bag of popcorn for ten cents and went inside to see a double feature. In the city there was even an organ that was played during the intermission between shows. That’s when everyone went to the bathroom and bought more treats”

I’m sure you are aware that we were all laughing hysterically. Yes, those were the prices years and years ago but most of us realize those days are long gone and prices of everything have gone up.

Moviegoers have many choices when they want to be entertained. The movies that are being released in 3-D add to the excitement of the audience. Now, instead of just using your imagination about being chased by a dinosaur, 3-D makes you almost feel the animal’s hot breath on your neck. This combined with surround sound and outstanding animation and graphics you get the feeling that you are really immersed into the set.

 In order to entice people into the theaters, they have made the seats more comfortable and even put bigger cup holders in the arm of your chair so you can concentrate on the oversized bucket of popcorn.

The one area that I find annoying when we go to the movies and that is refreshments. With CDs, Net Flix and other competition for your entertainment dollars the theaters have kept up with their competitors by keeping the prices lower. However, they make up for loss in profit by charging more for refreshments. No one really needs a gallon of soft drink, a two quart tub of popcorn, and a candy bar that is large enough that it should have an endorsement from an area dentist.

I’m glad we had multiple choices of drive-in theaters when I was younger. There is still one in our area and I hope that they get enough business to stay in business. Many have fallen to malls and parking lots.

Treat yourself and have a barista whip up something very different from your usual. And even if you do not go to a drive-in at least enjoy some entertainment with friends and pop some good hot buttered and salted popcorn.

Loyalty Day

Members of the VFW and ladies auxiliary will celebrate Loyalty Day on Saturday, May 4. The public is invited to attend this annual event held at the post rooms on Mill St.

Garage sale

The Altamont PTA village-wide garage sale will be held Saturday, May 4, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Shoppers are reminded that a map of homes participating in the event are available in the shops in the village.

Officers installed

 Members of Cyrene Temple No. 18, Daughters of the Nile held their installation of officers on Saturday, April 13. The installation was held at the Masonic Temple in Latham.

Elective Officers installed included Patricia Irwin of Altamont as queen; Sandra Hussey, junior past queen; Ruth Miller, princess royal; Alice Eagle, princess tirza; Rosemary Caruso, princess recorder and Dorothy Malmborg, princess banker.

Appointive officers for 2012-13 are Shirley DeSess, pr. marshal; V.Rae Forster, pr. chaplain; Sue Ann Nicholson, lady of the keys; Patricia Pelton, lady of the gates;

Carol Stannard, pr. Nydia; Beverly Harrington, pr. Zulieka; Miriam Kleiinberger, pr, Zenobia; Susanne Peckham, pr. Zora; Sally O. Lebowich, pr. Zuliema; and Marie K. Valachovic and pr. Elissa Prout,  attendants Stacey L. Wright was installing musician.

 Caruso, DeSess, Hussey, Lebowich, Malmborg, Stannard and Valachovic are all past queens of Cyrene Temple

Board meeting

The Guilderland board of education meeting will be held Tuesday, May 7, at 7:30 p.m., in the high school large group instruction room.

Award ceremony

The President’s award ceremony at the Farnsworth Middle School will be held on Thursday May 9, at 3:30 p.m.

GSD budget

 The public vote on the Guilderland school budget will be on Tuesday, May 21.  Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. at  all of the districts elementary schools.


Happy-anniversary wishes are extended to:

—  Renee and Christopher Buckey, Sue and Mark Jones, and Linda and Tom Miller all celebrating on May 2; and,

— Special anniversary wishes to my husband Jim as we celebrate our anniversary on May 3. Linda and Paul Forand will also celebrate their anniversary on May 3.


Happy-birthday wishes are extended to:

  • Christina Marie Baker, Porter Bidleman,  Bethany Bracken, Jessica Jones, Larry Grant, and Molly Trumpler  on May 1
  • Ann Buckey, Kendra Dzingle, Becky Paeglow, and Derik Rau on May 2
  • Beth Burlingame, Jennifer Dean, Erica Munroe, and Joel Quay on May 3
  • John Ciupek, Janet Nopper, and Amy Toscano on May 4
  • Mark Daniel Reinemann and Bruce Shank of May 5
  • Nancy Furr, Sean Golden, Anthony Marciano, and Kendall Hope Morris on May 6
  • Jack Hale on May 7
  • Benjamin Brunk, Samantha Holmberg, and Richard Lenehan on May 8 and
  • Kayla Ann DeHart, Todd Hubbard, Richard Jensen, Lisa Long, and Mark Schuhle on May 9.

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