Troop 50 roughs it at Camp Wakpominee as Scouts earn many merit badges

— Photo from Larry Vincent

Boy Scouts in Guilderland’s Troop 50 who attended Camp Wakpominee are, from left, standing: Jack Streeter, Dan Cortelyou, Ryan Ericson, Kyle Dikeman, Peter Boeri, Matt Cortelyou, Curtis Ericson, Tom Durand, and Sam Dikeman; seated: Ryan Fox, Nick Szackoczay, Connor Chew, Jason Streeter, Matt “Russell” Hesler, Joe Reluzco, and Brian Chew. Eric Motlewith is not pictured.

GUILDERLAND — Scouts from St. Madeleine Sophie’s Boy Scout Troop 50 kept themselves active over the summer. In July, the boys attended Camp Wakpominee.

Camp Wakpominee is a large wooded camp located in Fort Ann, N.Y., within the boundaries of the Adirondack Park. It is owned and operated by the Twin Rivers Council. Troop 50 attended summer camp both in 2012 and 2013.

The facilities are rustic as the boys sleep in tents on canvas cots. There was no electricity, no flushing toilets, no TV, and no video games. How the boys survived such deprivations continues to amaze all unfamiliar with scouting. I sometimes wish they could spend an entire summer under these conditions.

While at camp, the Scouts work on merit badges. The troop had a good year, and over 50 badges were awarded.

Senior Patrol Leader Peter Boeri earned merit badges in Archery, Photography, and Woodcarving as well as the Snorkeling certificate.

Cameron Burdgick earned merit badges in First Aid, Swimming, and Rifle.

Brian Chew earned merit badges for Woodcarving, Basketry, Swimming, and the Advanced Archery certificate.

His brother, Conno,r earned  Camping, and Environmental Science merit badges as well as the Advanced Archery certificate.

Matt Cortelyou earned Kayaking, and Sailing, and Rifle merit badges along with the Mountain Biking certificate.

Kyle Dikeman earned merit badges in Shotgun, Leatherwork, and Environment Science, and the National Rifle Association/Winchester Marksman First Class certificate.

Tom Durand  earned Swimming, Sailing, Woodcarving, Oceanography, and Wilderness Survival merit badges.

Curtis Ericson earned Oceanography, Fish and Wildlife, and Environmental Science merit badges.

Ryan Ericson earned Sailing and Shotgun merit badges and the Mountain Biking certificate.

Ryan Fox earned  Shotgun, Leatherwork, Camping, and Environmental Science merit badges.

Matt “Russell” Hesler earned Camping and Shotgun merit badges.

Eric Motler earned the Mountain Biking certificate.

Joe Reluzco earned Shotgun, Sculpture, and Art merit badges.

Jack Streeter earned Rifle, Archery, and Swimming merit badges.

Jason Streeter earned Shotgun and Sculpture merit badges.

Nick Szakoczay earned Orienteering, First Aid, and Camping merit badges.

Our newest Scouts — Aiden Gallagher, Devin DiBianco, Ryan Teaney Minh, and Quang Trang — continued meeting throughout July and each earned his Scout badge, which was presented at our first meeting in September.

The leaders of Troop 50 congratulate each and every Scout for his hard work and achievements.  

Troop 50 is now in its 49th year of serving youth in the Guilderland community. The Troop meets every Wednesday from 6:45 to 8:15 p.m. at the St. Madeleine Sophie Parish Center at 3500 Carman Road in Guilderland.

If you are interested in scouting, you are welcome to stop in during our meetings for a visit, or call Scoutmaster Sam Dikeman at 356-3901 for additional information.

Editor’s note: Larry Vincent is the assistant scoutmaster of Troop 50.

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