State regs target invasive species

As part of an aggressive effort to prevent invasive species from entering and damaging New York water bodies, the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation has adopted new regulations that require boaters to remove all visible plant and animal materials from boats, trailers, and associated equipment, and to drain boats prior to launching from DEC lands.

The regulations pertain to all DEC boat launches; fishing access sites; and other DEC lands where watercraft, such as boats, kayak or canoes, can be launched into the water.

Boaters should take the following steps to ensure that their boats, trailers, and equipment are free of aquatic invasive species:

— Visually inspect the boat, trailer, and other fishing and boating equipment and remove all mud, plants, and other organisms that might be clinging to it.  Materials should be disposed of in one of the Nuisance Invasive Species Disposal Stations installed at many DEC boat launches, in the trash, or at an upland location away from the launch ramp.

— Drain the boat’s bilge and any other water-holding compartments such as live wells, bait wells, and bilge tanks.  This does not apply to water associated with sanitary systems or drinking water supplies.

— Drying boats is also highly recommended but is not required under the new regulations.  Boaters who are unable to dry their boats between uses should flush the bilge and other water-holding compartments with water, preferably at a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  Microscopic larval forms of aquatic invasive species, such as zebra mussels and spiny waterflea, can live in as much as a drop of water.  To ensure that these organisms are not accidentally spread, anything holding water should be dried, flushed, or disinfected with hot water to ensure that these aquatic invasive species are not spread. 

The new regulations are available at

Boaters intending to boat on Lake George this year are also reminded that the Lake George Park Commission has enacted new regulations that require all boats to be inspected for aquatic invasive species prior to use.  Additional information on this new mandatory boat inspection program can be found at:

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