John Boyd Thacher State Park — A Hometown Treasure

Horseshoe Point; The Overlook; Hop Field; Indian Ladder Trail: All familiar names. This year, John Boyd Thacher State Park is proudly celebrating its centennial.

On Monday, April 28, at 7 p.m., Tim Albright, well known historian and author, will present: “Thacher Park: A Gift to the People, 100 years.” He’ll speak at the Berne Public Library’s Community Meeting Room.

Look for the book he and Laura Ten Eyck produced through Arcadia Publishing: Images of America — John Boyd Thacher State Park and the Surrounding Indian Ladder Region. The book is a collection of words and pictures depicting the park’s history and more.

Albright fostered his love for the park in his youth. Growing up under the escarpment, he and his siblings explored trails and crevices near their home. Soon, rest days found Albright and company hiking upward to the top ledges. Once cresting the flats, they would take advantage of the swimming facilities that existed.

Albright’s knowledge of the park is extensive. His passion is infectious.

Why is the trail under the escarpment known as “the Indian Ladder Trail?” How did we come to have a state park in our area? What’s the name of the largest cave? Albright knows and enjoys sharing the answers.

You will go home geared with a newfound respect and understanding of this great treasure in our own backyard.

Please join the Berne Historical Society on Monday. We are pleased to host Albright’s newly abbreviated stellar PowerPoint kaleidoscope of pictures and talk — an experience well worth your time.


“Thacher Park: A Gift to the People, 100 Years” presented by Tim Albright on Monday, April 28, at 7 p.m. at the Berne Public Library Community Meeting Room. Refreshments will follow.

Editor’s note: Sandra L. Stempel-Kisselback is a member of the Berne Historical Society.

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