Sue Green

GUILDERLAND — Thank you to our “Fawn Fund” supporters, our wildlife rehaber Jean Simmons was able to stabilize six youngsters and move them on to the next stage which will eventually lead to their release. It is both joyful and heartbreaking work, because not all of them survive.

GUILDERLAND — Our friends at Hannaford in Guilderland are offering us a fund raiser event that not only helps Guilderhaven but also the environment.

Here is the opportunity to end that endless question: “Paper or plastic?” jj

GUILDERLAND — Guilderhaven is creating a Fawn Fund to assist with the cost of rehabilitating fawns to be released back to the wild.

GUILDERLAND — Along with spring comes Guilderhaven’s annual garage sale held at 108 Halfmoon Dr. in Altamont on Saturday, May 7, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

GUILDERLAND — What a winter that wasn’t. It’s time to catch our breath and look back at what a busy year we had.

GUILDERLAND — Thank you to the Guilderland Public Library and the many young (and older) participants who volunteered their time and talents to make pet toys.

The youngsters were naturals, but some of the adults, myself included, struggled with the “braiding” process.

GUILDERLAND — Who knew there were so many nice, nimble, neat, neighborly, normal, and nutty folks who responded most generously to our plea?

GUILDERLAND — In order to continue our strong programs — in 2014, we facilitated the spay and neuter of 755 cats and 154 dogs — we need the support of our community.

GUILDERLAND — On Nov. 17, a thin, shaking, calico cat showed up on the doorstep of a Guilderland resident near Crossgates. She was begging to get out of the freezing rain.

GUILDERLAND — Several years ago, Guilderhaven Inc. took under its wing (pun intended) Joyce Perry’s wildlife rehabilitation program. We like its educational aspect and the caring and compassionate work that it does.


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