Sean Mulkerrin 

While it was the town of Guilderland that was sued by Crossgates, it will be Guilderland schools that bear the brunt of the refund burden. 

The incident occured on Friday, April 29, around 12:30 p.m., according to Voorheesville Superintendent Frank Macri; the arrested student had been speaking with other students when “another student heard the situation and brought it to the administration,” Macri said.

Due to increases in expected sales-tax revenue in 2021-22 and a new very favorable waste-services contract, the village of Voorheesville will not have to tap its rainy-day fund for much money to close its budget gap for next year. 

Michelle Hinchey

His 8,171-vote lead over Michelle Hinchey suggests that GOP-backed Richard Amedure had a modicum of broader appeal with voters in the 46th State Senate District than the Democrat. And now that a Montgomery County court judge has ruled on lawsuits filed by each candidate over absentee ballots, the nearly 26,000 votes can be counted. Over half of the mail-in ballots were returned by people who will almost assuredly vote for Hinchey — but that still might not be enough to pull out a win.

Pyramid answered, for itself and the town of Guilderland, all the allegations — save one — brought against them in a suit alleging impropriety in review of  Pyramid’s Rapp Road and Western Avenue projects. The town answered the allegation that it hadn’t responded to a Freedom of Information Law request, saying the plaintiffs’ lawyer hadn’t pursued the appeal.

Voorheesville Athletic Director Joseph Sapienza updated the school board during its Sept. 14 meeting.

Swift Road and Feura Bush parks

Buying Wi-Fi for town parks would appear to be well-spent because criminal masterminds recent vandals are not.

David Soares

Early voting results for incumbent Albany County District Attorney David Soares look promising, but there are still a number of ballots to be counted. 

If all goes as planned, work could begin on a new Altamont Stewart’s in the next couple of weeks.  

As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to starve municipal budgets of sales-tax revenue, mobile carriers are also looking for their pound of flesh.


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