Millie Zuk

Millie Zuk

We are experiencing the “dog days of August” in July. Hopefully, you are staying cool and hydrated.

June was a busy month for the Helderberg Ambulance squad. There were 44 calls in June with 21 transports. 

The month of June had a lot of weather changes.  We experienced drought conditions, cold nights, and really warm days.

The members of Helderberg Ambulance would like to thank the volunteers who sewed gowns for us to wear on calls. We truly appreciate your hard work.

Millie Zuk, Helderberg Ambulance

The members of Helderberg Ambulance Squad began 2016 by responding to 22 calls in January. Of these 22 calls, 10 were in the town of Knox and 12 were in the town of Berne. Four calls were during the night-time hours and 18 calls were during the day.

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